Brant Buysse tagged out the Adrian runner.

Vultures win way to sub-state

Football practice starts soon at Dakota Wesleyan in Mitchell, SD. Alex Pohlen will be there.
Before he puts on equipment, spikes and helmet and grabs a football to take to the gridiron, he has a little business left on the baseball field.
“I report on July 30,” said the four-year Minneota quarterback who was 50-1 in his high school career that spanned three state championships.
“I will be able to play in the sections,” Pohlen said.
Good thing, too! Minneota won the second spot at Luverne last weekend and Pohlen was a big part of the effort.
He was seven of 14, batting .500, with a double and triple as Minneota won three of four games. They came back from a 5-3 loss to Pipestone to beat Adrian 7-2; Tracy 5-3 and avenge Pipestone, 9-5.
The final win earned them second place behind Luverne and a spot in next week’s Sub-State Tournament at St. James.
While Pohlen is heading to Mitchell to fullfil his football dream, he’s giving serious consideration to the possibility of playing baseball at Dakota Wesleyan as well.
“It’s possible, I’m going to wait and see,” he said.
In four games at Luverne, Pohlen caught just four pitchers: Preston Nuy, Sam Buysse, Teddy Pesch and Brant Buysse.
If Pesch hadn’t run out of the number of allowed innings and Brant Buysse had to relieve, the Vultures would have had four complete games. As it was, they were very stingy on the mound and conserved their pitching resources.
“It was fun. We cut back onour errors, had timely bunts and played more loose,” said Pohlen.
“It was pretty impressive,” said Coach Keven Larson. “Through four games we were seven pitches short of four complete games,” the coach said.
If it hadn’t been for a bad first inning against Pipestone in the Friday opener, Minneota may have been in the winner’s bracket against Luverne rather than the loser’s bracket.
Pitcher Preston Nuy was the victim of four first-inning runs that put the Vultures under the eight ball. They battled back, but Pipestone had enough strong pitcher to turn back the Vultures.
Teddy Pesch had thee doubles and Brant Buysse a two-bagger, but they produced just three runs — and it was not enough.“We didn’t know how many games we’d play,” said Coach Larson.
But after losing — it meant three more to get into the Sub-State at St. James.
As for Pohlen, he had, “Lots of emotions going on.” On one hand he’s excited about his football opportunity, but on the other hand, “It’s tough knowing the end is coming in Minneota.”
Thanks to the solid pitching, timely hitting and some very good defense — it’s not over yet.
Saturday Sam Buysse took the ball and threw a complete game seven-hitter against Adrian.
Although the Vultures got just four hits, one a booming triple by Pohlen, they manufactured seven runs by using three sacrifice funds by Nuy, Landon Abraham and Austin Sorensen plus a couple stolen bases and five walks by Adrian starter Nick Harder.
Abraham, who had been injured earlier, played the entire tournament and his sacrifice bunt was a key part of a two-run rally in the third inning.
“We’ve had injuries and vacations, but these kids just go out and play with the guys we have,” said Coach Larson.
In fact, pitcher Jacob Hennen and shortstop Thomas Hennen were not available at all because they were playing basketball.
Yet, the Vultures kept winning.
On Saturday, Preston Nuy had a decision to make. Should he stay with the Vultures, or play for his other team, the Minneota Mudhens in an important game in Appleton.
Ultimately he decided to stay with the Legion since their fate was, “lose and go home.”
“We never put pressure on the kids to make a choice. But that’s why we pitched Preston on Friday because we just didn’t know,” said Coach Larson.
Pesch pitched another strong game, allowing nine hits but only two earned runs. A Pohlen double and Jaymes Moon singled produced one run and Josh Laleman singled in another in the second. A run-scoring double by Austin Sorensen was the big hit in a three-run fourth that gave Minneota a 5-3 lead they held behind Pesch and reliever Brant Buysse.
“We try to instill in each kid that they have their own role. We had lots of sacrifice bunts and long at bats,” said Coach Larson.
Then it all came down to a Pipestone-Minneota rematch, with the winner getting a trip to the Sub-State.
Trailing 4-2 after five, the Vultures brought out the bats with four hits and two walks — including a two-run double by Moon to score  seven runs and take a 9-4 lead.
Brant Buysse walked two batters in the seventh, then got three outs on fly balls to right field to end the game and send Minneota to St. James.
TheVultures banged out nine hits against Pipestone, one Austin Sorenson’s second double on Sunday.
“They were excited about it,” Larson said about his team. “Just because it’s something brand new, (playing in a new tournament in a new place,) and the fact we had to win three games. We knew we couldn’t play three if we didn’t win the first game. So they just did their job and had fun with it,” the coach said.
The pitching effort was the key and the coach said, “We don’t get caught up in learning on one persons. Our older guys stepped up and each took a few innings,” the coach said.
Minneota will play Wells at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, July 23 in St. James in the opener.

Pipestone 5, Minneota 3
MINNEOTA (AB-R-H-RBI) Brant Buysse, 2b 4-0-1-0; Preston Nuy, p 3-2-1-1; Teddy Pesch, ss 4-0-3-1; Alex Pohlen, c 4-0-2-0; Landon Abraham, lf 3-0-2-0; Sam Buysse, cf 4-0-0-09; Landon Rolbiecki, cf 4-0-1-0; Josh Laleman, 3b 0-0-0-0; Jaymes Moon, r 2-1-0-0; Austin Sorensen 3-0-0-0. Totals 31-3-10-3.
PIPESTONE (AB-R-H-RBI) Carter Colemer, p 4-2-2-0; Matt Enger, c 2-1-0-1; Reid Homan, 1b 3-1-2-2; Sam Bobendrier, 2b 2-0-0-0; Josh Ticklenberg, lf 2-0-0-0; Brandon Cooper 3-0-0-0; Dawson Johnson, cf 2-0-0-0. Totals 23-5-4-3.
Score by Innings:
Minneota                  000 020 1 — 3 10 2
Pipestone                 410 000 x — 5  4  1
E-Minneota: Pesch 2; Pipestone: Coleman. LOB-Minneota: 10; Pipestone 5. SB-Minneota: Moon. SAC: Pipestone: Seth Tollefson. 2B: Minneota: B. Buysse; Pesch 3; Pipestone: Colemer.
Pitching                IP  R  ER  H  BB  K
Nuy (L)                6    5  3     4    2   7
Colemer               6.  2 3   2    10  2   8
Unknown             1   0   0    0    0   1

Minneota 7, Adrian 2
MINNEOTA (AB-R-H-RBI) Brant Buysse, 2b 4-2-2-1; Preston Nuy, dh 3-2-1-0; Grady Moorse, rf 0-0-0-0; Teddy Pesch, ss 3-0-0-0; Alex Pohlen, c 2-0-1-1; Tate Walerius, cr 0-1-0-0; Landon Abraham, lf 2-0-0-1; Sam Buysse, p 2-0-0-0; Ben Skorczewski, cr 0-1-0-0; Jaymes Moon, lf 1-1-101; Austin Sorenson, 1b 2-0-0-0; Josh Laleman, 3b 2-09-0-0; Braeden Panka, pr 0-0-0-0. Totals 0-0-0-0. Totals 21-7-4-4.
ADRIAN (AB-R-H-RBI)  Jake Stamer, ss 4-1-1-0; Brett Pokman, 2b 3-0-0-0; Nick Harder, p-1b 3-0-1-0; Zach Lystrop, c 3-0-2-1; Logan Saylors, cr 0-0-0-0; Mitchell Wagner, cf 2-0-0-0; Ryan Scjwericke, rf 3-0-1-0; Brant Jaysma, 1b-p 3-0-1-0; Jeff Towell, lf 2-0-0-0; Landon Rogers, 3b 2-0-0-0; Skyler Dragman, ph 0-1-0-0. Totals 26-2-7-1.
Score by Innings:
Adrian                        100 000 1 — 2 7 4
Minneota                   102 130 x — 7 4 0
E-Adrian: Towell, Pokman, Stamer, Rogers. SB-B. Buysse, Pohlen; Adrian: Stamer. SAC-Minneota: Nuy, Abraham, Sorenson; Adrian: Stamer. 3B-Pohlen.
Pitching              IP    R   ER   H   BB   K
S. Buysse (W)   7      2     2  7     2      5
Harder (L)         6      7    4   4     5      3
Jaysma             1       0     0  0    0      0
S. Buysse ( by Harder); Harder (by S. Buysse). WP-Harder.

Minneota 5, Tracy 3
MINNEOTA (AB-R-H-RBI) Brant Buysse, 2b 4-0-0-0; Preston Nuy, ss 4-0-0-1; Teddy Pesch, p 3-0-0-0; Alex Pohlen, c 3-1-1-0; Landon Abraham, lf 2-2-1-0; Sam Buysse, cf 3-0-1-0; Jaymes Moon, rf 2-1-1-1; Austin Sorenson, 1b 3-1-1-1; Josh Laleman, 3b 3-0-1-0. Totals 26-5-7-2.
TRACY (AB-R-H-RBI) Jake Tauer, cf 3-1-1-0; Konnor Zick, 2b 3-0-1-1; Moses Dolan, ss 4-0-1-0; Jake Byrne, 3b 4-0-2-1; Grffen Radke, c 4-0-2-0 Caleb Nordsider, 1b 4-0-1-0; Rylan Fogelson, rf  2-0-0-0;; Tyler Timm, dh  4-1-0-0; Anthony Axford, lf 0-0-0-0; Lucas Gervais, p 4-1-1-0. Totals 32-3-9-2.
Score by Innings:
Tracy                          101 100 0 — 3 9 2
Minneota                    020 300 0  — 5 7 2
E-Minneota: Nuy, Abraham; Tracy Fogelson; Byrne. LOB-Minneota: 6; Tracy 13. SB-Mnneota: Nuy, Abraham; Tracy: Radke. SAC-Minneota: Laleman. 2B-Minneota: Pohlen; Tracy: Zisk.
Pitching                    IP  R  ER  H  BB  K
Pesch (W)                6.1  3  2     9   3    2
B. Buysse (S)          .2   0  0     0   0    0
Gervais (L)              4    5   5    6   3    1
Timm                       2    0   0    1   0    2 
HP-Abraham (by Gervaise).

Minneota 9, Pipestone 5
MINNEOTA (AB-R-H-RBI) Brant Buyse, p 4-0-0-0; Preston Nuy, 2b 4-2-2-1; Teddy Pesch, ss 4-2-1-0; Alex Pohlen, c 5-0-3-0; Landon Abraham lf 2-1-0-0; Sam Buysse, cf 3-1-1-1; Jaymes Moon, rf 4-1-1-2; Austin Sorenson, 1b 3-0-1-1; Josh Laleman, 3b 3-1-0-0. Totals 33-5-7-5.
PIPESTONE (AB-R-H-RBI) Matt Enger, cf 1-1-0-0; Josh Tinklenberg, c 3-1-0-0; Carter Colemer, ss 1-1-0-0; Reid Homann, 1b 3-1-1-0; Seth Toelefson, 2b 4-0-0-0; Brady Weinkauf, 3b 4-0-1-0; Josh Agresto, p 2-1-1-0; Brandon Cooper, rf 2-0-0-0; Dawson Schelhass, lf 3-0-0-0. Totals 23-3-3-2.
Score by Innings:
Minneota               000 027 0 — 9 7 2
Pipestone              100 030 1 — 5 3 0
E-Minneota: Pohlen, Pesch. LOB-Minneota 10; Pipestone 8. SB-Minneota: Nuy, Abraham 2; S. Buysse; Pipestone; Enger; Tinklenberg; Homann. SAC-Pipestone: Colemer. 2B-Minneota: Moon, Sorenson; Pipestone: Homan, Agresto.
Pitching               IP  R ER H BB K
B. Buysse (W)    7   5   4   3  3    2
Agresto               4 2 2  2   3  2    6
Weinkauf (L)       1 5    5    3  1    0
Shelhaus            1.2  1   1 1  3    0
HP-Enger, Agresto (by B. Buysse). WP-B. Buysse; Weinkauf, Shelhaus.


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