Minneota Swim Team treads water

Though the early season threatened not enough swimmers to sustain a team, the Minneota Girl Scouts of America swim team is up and swimming this summer.

The team consists of eight swimmers, exactly enough girls to keep the program going. They have competed in two meets so far this summer, in Tracy and Tyler.

The girls had a strong start to the season.

“We have had multiple girls leave with all firsts and some with just firsts and seconds,” said head coach Kelsea Anderson.

Anderson is assisted by Tami Tolk. The team will compete in three more meets this season.

Though Minneota typically hosts a home meet, that will not happen this year due to the uncertainty of weather and because Minneota did not know if it would have a team because of the number of swimmers registered.

Fortunately, small numbers have not affected their success and hopefully they will continue to have such a strong season for their next three meets.

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