Ryan Francis watches the flight of his ball as he worked his way to a second straight Wynston Boe Golf Title.

Francis repeats Wynston Boe golf title

For the secoind straight year, Ryan Francis of the Twin Cities has captured the Wynston Boe Memorial Golf Tournament.

And for the second time he had to hold off Minneota graduate Ben Derynck to win the title.

Francis shot a final round 38 to edge Derynck by one stroke, 116 to 117. The two were tied at 78 after the first 18 holes.

"It was awesome. It was a battle after the second round," said Francis.

Whille Francis said, "I was surprised by how well I putted today," he did get worried after he suffered bogeys on "six straight holes." He added, "All went awry."

But, "I kept grinding," and found the greens were fast and helped him stabalize his game.

Meanwhile, Derynck had a little trouble putting on the final nine an fell behind by as much as four strokes — but fought back to pull within one of Francis.

The difference for Franics was, "I made some comfortable pars and I stayed free of trouble the whole round."

While he felt he was "whacking it around" a little, he settle down and played it safe — taking a lead into the final hole, then holding on by that one stroke.

Francis knew full well what Derynck can do. "He can hit it a mile," said Francis. Derynck tried to charge back from two strokes back on the file hole, but Francis played it safe and had to sink a four-footer to take the match. "My nerves were racing," he said.

But he stepped it sank the putt and took home the title for the second straight year.

It was extra special for Franics because he brought his dad along. "It was nice for me to show him when I'm playing well," he said.

Francis was highly respective of the job the Minneota grounds crew did in getting the greens ready after excessive rain. "There were in really good condition," he said.

"There were a lot of mudballs," to be sure but the greens were immaculate. A Friday storm dumped several inches of rain on the course but for a second straight year, the grounds crew got it ready and 55 golfers showed up for the tournament.

Francis, who originally was from Marshall, never played the Minneota course until he'd moved away. But Minneota native Travis Obe introduced him to the tournament and he's enjoyed coming back to the area.

Obe, who played in the President's flight, tied for fourth with a 121. He tied Aaron Dunmire. Both shot a 121. Rick Gossen won the President's Flight with a 115, edging Walker Hennen by three strokes.

Craig Peterson captured the First Flight with a 121; Keith Zelinski won the Second Flight and Dale Verschelde captured the Third Flight.

The Senior Flight winner was Gordy Loyson.


1. Ryan Francis,        78-38  116

2, Ben Derynck          78-39  117

3.(tie) Chuck Seitzer  82  37  126

Zach Prairie               86   37  126


1. Gordy Loyson       66

2. Jim Lanners          67

3. (tie) Bill Vlaminck 68

Doug Moen              68


1. Craig Peterson      83  39  122

2. Ryan Albertson     80   43  123

3. James Hook          82  44   126


1. Keith Zelinski

2. Steve Baune

3. Kelly Skogrand


1. Dale Verschelde

2. Bubba Gorecki

3. (tie) Tim Walsh and Adam Gorecki


1. Rick Gossen        75  40  115

2. Walker Hennen    78  43  118

3. Rick Sorenson     77  43   120

4. (tie) Travis Obe    80  41   121

Aaron Dunmire         83  42  121

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