On the Bench with Byron Higgin

‘We’ve got a lot of work to do’ —Austin Buysse

It wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

The Minneota Mudhens built a nice season, all pointing to the Section 9C Playoffs and a potential spot in the state tournament.

Saturday arrived as a beautiful day with a lot of optimism.

But hopes and dreams are easily shattered.

And when they needed that stout defense that’s served them well all year, disaster struck and the dreams were shattered once again.

The Mudhens’ 3-2 loss to Clinton has thrown the local nine into the loser’s bracket and they will play Rosen at 4 p.m. Saturday in Rosen.

Now it’s a long climb. They have to win four games in the next two weekends to climb into a spot where they can earn their way to state.

After the loss to Clinton, Austin Buysse said, “We’ve got a lot of work to do.” It was said with “depression” in his voice, yet, it meant, we still have a chance.

We’ve got to get back up and take a run in the loser’s bracket.

He and his teammates know it won’t be easy.

But there is “no quit” in this bunch of Mudhens and they will be getting their emotions under check and back up for the long drive.

Certainly, the Mudhens have the pitching to get the job done — and they have the power, if only it surfaces.

This bunch of Mudhens have put too much time, effort and care into this season and I know they won’t give it up without a struggle.

It’s been a great season so far — and it’s not over yet.

Sometimes shattered dreams occur only to lead to greater things. We’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the case.

First round scores were:

Ortonville 2, Madison 1

Chokio 6, Dumont 1

Clinton 3, Minneota 2

Morris 10, Rosen 2

Second round scores were:

Chokio 12, Ortonville 2

Morris 10, Clinton 3

Byron Higgin

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