Prelim levy set by school board

Tuesday night the Minneota School Board approved the levy limitation at 2.51 percent or $40,587 over last year. The levy amount is $1,660,422 for 2019. “That’s a moving number that changes everyday,” said Supt. Dan Deitte.

It was a 2.5 percent increase from the previous year. This is the preliminary levy with the final due in November then, after a public hearing, it will be certified with the state.

Excellent start to the school year Supt. Deitte said the Minneota School District has had an, “Excellent start to the school year.”

He added, “Construction is winding down. There are some glass windows and doors still to go in. Most everything else has been completed. Sod out front of the elementary needs to be done, but we’re getting much to much rain right now,” he said.

“Our budget for the project is on par,” said Deitte. There is still asbestos removal and renovation of locker rooms to do next year.

The board approved a motion to update the quote for additional asbestos removal for $17,316 by Advanced, Health, Safety and Security.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Approved personnel moves including: Kaley Buysse’s maternity leave from Feb. 6, 2019 to April 15, 2019;

—Lane change for Sara Boerboom, Nicolle Johnston;

—Anna Josephson as a long term paraprofessional substitute for Robin Traen; —Rehire of Betty Prellwitz as a paraprofessional;

—Approval of Andrea Knutson’s maternity leave and

—Approval of paraprofessional substitutes to be paid at the rate of teacher substitutes ($15.72/hour or $110 per day).

It’s difficult to hire teachers and paraprofessionals. Now, qualified teachers can get the same pay to fill a paraprofessional job as they would to sub for a regular teacher.

•Noted Minneota’s opening enrollment is 526 — higher than the budgeted amount.

•Talked about applying to start school early next year. Three FLY meetings were held to determine the publics reaction. This year school started after Labor Day to accommodate construction. That could be true again next year.

The board will vote on the date for start of school at the next meeting.

•Voted to give Head Custodian Les Engler an extra $1,300 because of all he did and all the extra hours he worked during the construction period. Supt. Deitte thanked him for his service to the district.

Supt. Dan Deitte

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