Commissioner Gary Crowley listened as County Engineer Aaron VanMoer explains the parking stall proposals for the government center.

Parking stalls to be added at Lyon government center

Lyon County’s Government Center has always had a shortage of parking spaces.

Tuesday, County Engineer Aaron VanMoer presented options for increasing the parking stalls at the government center.

The first option would increase the parking stalls from 190 to 218, an addition of 28 stalls. Option two would provide 34 extra stalls for a total of 224.

The second option would include constructing a new entrance.

VanMoer said the cost of Option Two was about $198,030, The No. 1 option cost would be $178,477.50.

The board voted to accept Option Two that will add 34 stalls. There is also a plan for the Sixth Street, North Lot. There are 25 stalls.

VanMoer suggested removing a garage on the site and adding a new entrance.

This plan would cause the loss of one stall. A second option includes the addition of three stalls for a total of 28 total stalls on Sixth Street.

The cost of the first option is $27,092.20 and the second option cost is $45,552.20. “A third option is to do nothing and leave it as is,” said VanMoer.

“The question is whether to put in a new entrance or just leave the current entrance. But the garage has got to go,” said Commissioner Rick Anderson.

The board chose Option One for the Sixth Street Parking, North Lot. And the board will check with the City of Marshall regarding parking along that street.

VanMoer told the board a contract for the changes would be put out for bids in November. The board has enough funds in the budget to finance the project.

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