New custodian added at Minneota Schools

The renovated facilities, additions and changes in the Minneota Public School building have been overloading the custodial staff.

As a result, the school administration felt the school needed to add another custodian. “In the last couple of days, we’ve been seriously talking about how we’ve added bathrooms and courtyard areas and we’ve gotten together to decide what is the best way to go.”

“So we’ve determined a need for another custodian,” said Supt. Dan Deitte. “They are in hyper drive right now and we don’t want them (custodians) to burn out,” said the superintendent.

“I want to make it clear these are all for indoor duties, not outdoor care,” he said. Facilities Director Les Engler will do the scheduling of the new year-round custodian. There currently are three custodians.

“It could create a problem because it’s not in the budget this year but we can use some of our fund balance this year,” said Board Member Doug Spanton, who was a member of the committee studying the need for another custodian.

“We are thinking sometime in December would be a good start date,” said Supt. Deitte. Board member Larry Buysse made the motion to add an additional custodian.

“I know the staff has been strained the last couple of years with all the construction,” said Board Member Dan Longtin. “This is a new item, it’s something extra,” Supt. Deitte explained.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Was told by Activities Director Jason Myhre the Fall musical, “High School Musical,” is coming up. “They are practicing now,” said Myhre. The director is Minneota graduate Aubree (Van Keulen) Cheadle. He added: “We had 19 people come in for the 55 Alive Defensive Driving Class,” he said. “This was the four-hour refresher class,” he added.

“There were 50 kids in flag football this year,” he said. “This was our second year and it’s going very well.” Regarding the outdoor facilities, Myhre thanked the board for the new lawn mower. He also said there are spots on the practice football field and the softball field needs re-seeding. He said about K. P. Kompelien Field, “The football field looks great.”

Coaches approved for the winter season are: Boys’ Basketball-Head Coach Dave Busselman, Mike Hennen, Michael Van Western assistants: Joe Hennen, Dylan Tolk, jr. high. Girls’ Basketball-Head Coach Chad Johnston, Dale Kockelman, Al Panka assistants; Brandon Hennen, Rick Hennen, jr. high. Wrestling-Head Coach Joel Skillings; Les Engler, J.D. Pesch assistants; Matt Buysse junior high; volunteers: Kris Fier, Bryce Bruner. Robotics-Head Coach Darren Clausen; volunteer Jeff VanKeulen. Speech-Head Coach Kim Gades; assistant Amanda Engels. Trap Team Coach-Kent Williams. (Williams resigned as assistant Robotics coach).

•Was told enrollment is at 532. The budget was 517 so the enrollment is above budget and Supt. Deitte said, “That’s good news for the school district.”

•Noted, ”We have exactly the same ACT scores as last year,” said Principal Jeremy Frie. “We’d like to be better than we are,” he said.

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