MnDOT reminds farm equipment haulers to not remove signs at rail crossings

The Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds drivers of oversized loads and farm equipment not to remove traffic signs placed at railroad crossings.

Signs that are removed so loads and equipment can clear the roadway and pass over the tracks pose a safety threat to other motorists.

Signs at rail crossings may include a cross buck, stop signs and stop ahead signs. The location of the signs are dependent on the width of the road crossing the railroad.

They are offset from the edge of the traffic lane so they are off the roadway, but remain within the driver’s cone of vision, giving them both notification of the crossing and time to react.

Drivers of these loads and equipment should plan their route to avoid damaging signs and structures adjacent to the railroad.

Anyone noticing that a sign located at a rail crossings is missing or damaged should look for a blue sign near the crossing that includes a contact number to call.

The caller should include the crossing number, which is also located on the sign.

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