Duininck Construction of Prinsburg is using lots of heavy equipment and shoving a lot of dirt around these days in an attempt to turn the vacant lot near the Minneota Burn Site on County Highway 10 into a housing development. They are preparing the land, laying the water and sewer lines and creating what will become a two cul-de-sac home and town home development for Minneota.

Minneota Council sets prices for Gorecki Addition lots

With the Gorecki Addition groundwork under way on the east edge of Minneota, the City Council Monday night set the selling price of lots for the new housing complex.

“We need to have two prices,” said City Councilman Jerry Teigland. He proposed one price for the larger lots and a second price for the smaller lots.

The council put the cost at $45,000 for the larger lots and $37,000 for the smaller lots — with the stipulation, “They get a $10,000 rebate if they build in the first year.”

As a result, lots will technically cost $35,000 and $27,000 by using the rebate and meeting the first-year rules.

“They’re not just getting a lot, but the infrastructure, too,” said City Administrator Shirley Teigland.

Teigland and Mayor John Rolbiecki were both looking to re-coup $399,000 on the lots, of which they spent in development.

“That gives us our net of $399,000, and actually a little more,” said Teigland. The Gorecki Addition will have two cul-de-sacs, with regular homes and the other with town houses.

The city is developing the land and getting the development ready before selling lots.

In addition to setting the price on lots, the council approved a, “Declaration of Protective Covenants,” that sets the groundwork for conditions and restrictions applying to those who purchase property in the development.

The covenant guides the use of the property and the development of the homes. While this covenant is intended to act as a guideline for development of the homes, the City Council reserved the right to make changes upon agreement with the new property owners.

The third matter was to set up an “Earnest Money Contract,” indicating what the purchaser will pay for the property and a sum of money they will put down to purchase the lot.

The council set the amount at 10 percent of the purchase price with a six-month expiration date. The council also voted to pay Duininck, Inc. of Prinsburg the first payment for the ground preparation at the site. The first payment was $221,220.77.

There has been a cost over-run on the project of between $7,000 to $8,000 due to moving water and sewer services for the Esping home near the Gorecki Addition.

The council determined the costs belonged to the city so they approved the additional costs.

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