Attention Outdoorsmen

Dear Editor;

To area hunters and sportsmen clubs, I am writing this letter in concern for the local wildlife. We as sportsmen need to give back to the wildlife that has given us so much in the past.

This letter is probably two months late but I was hoping that our local clubs would have raised the topic and encouraged the discussion. Our local sportsmen need to be educated on the correct way of feeding wildlife.

I understand the DNR does not approve of wildlife feeding but our state DNR continues to prove to us that they do not know what’s best.

If you want to see and harvest wildlife in the fall, you need to do your part to help them get through this winter. Our local sportsmen’s club has money set aside every year for wildlife feeding.

I understand there has been access to a wagon with whole corn for area sportsmen to distribute, however, if this corn is not distributed properly it will do more harm than good.

Quality is everything when feeding deer. Roughage is the most essential ingredient for a deer’s diet.

Feeding deer hay with no value is exactly that - no value, just as spreading corn along a major roadway is detrimental to pheasants.

Questions or concerns, call me at 507-829-6949.

John Engels


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