County salaries set by Lyon County Board

The board approved the salaries for county officials for 2018 at a two and a half percent increase. Among the salaries adopted was a $125,700.76 salary for County Administrator Loren Stomberg.

The board also set the salary for County Attorney Rick Maes and Sheriff Mark Mather at $85,049.48 each. The board is required to set a minimum salary at the start of the year for the positions of sheriff and county attorney because they are elected positions and both are up for election this year.

The maximum salary is $119,068.19. Both the sheriff and county attorney are making in between the minimum and maximum salaries.

Other salaries include: Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder at $70,806.01 and the County Assessor Sherri Kitchenmaster and Planning and Zoning Administrator John Biren at $66,201.15.

County Recorder Michelle DeSmet and Jail Administrator Brad Marks salaries are at $63,364. Lyon County Engineer Aaron VanMoer’s salary was set at $80,228.65. “This is a two and a half percent increase,” for all personnel, said County Human Resources Director Carolyn McDonald.

Board to repair county ditch The Lyon County Board was asked to determine whether County Ditch 5 IMP, located in Lucas Township, needs repair based on a petition submitted by Ronald Van Lerberghe.

Commissioner Rick Anderson made the motion to hire an engineer, “To do the work of examining the system and determine what repair is necessary.”

However, the petition from Van Lerberghe was denied, based on a motion by Commissioner Charlie Sanow, “In an effort to save the landowners the $10,000 bond that would be required,” said Commissioner Anderson.

The need for repair was described by Ditch Inspector Todd Hammer.

“County Ditch 5 is 750 acres and it has a lead well and three, three-inch pumps with an outlet into the adjoining School Grove Lake.

The pumps are 25 years old and needs repair. And parts are hard to find,” said Hammer.

“What has been talked about is an auger-type pump. Hydro Engineering has other pumps and would be able to operate this type of pump,” said Hammer.

“The thought is to have all the mechanisms on top,” Hammer said.

“Landowners have an interest in this project and they have been working with engineers to get an idea of the cost of this project.”

And, “The DNR (Department of Natural Resources) has no problem with the water going into this ditch,” said Hammer. He indicated the cost of the project would be about $60,000.

Hammer indicated he has $8,000 in the checking account and has about $16,000 collected from the project.

“So you have about a third of the cost,” said Commissioner Rick Anderson.

“Yes,” answered Hammer.

IN OTHER action the board:

•Approved an agreement between the Lyon County Jail and Western Mental Health. Sheriff Mark Mather indicated a need for more concentrated efforts for services in the mental health area for inmates.

“This contract ensures expedited services as needed in a correctional setting to ensure the safety and security of the staff, inmates and the public,” the sheriff indicated.

Commissioner Rick Anderson said moving in the direction of contracting for mental health services for inmates, “Puts us way ahead of other counties.”

•Indicated the previously authorized $15,000 to the Minneota American Legion for the Veteran’s Park improvements will be released to the Minneota American Legion since the budget has now been approved.

Byron Higgin

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