Summertime is pool time. And the kids have a good times. The Pool Pals hope to keep it that way.

City pool gets reprieve on repairs

•Deadline extended; fundraising continues

The City of Minneota got a reprieve when the deadline for the community swimming pool resurfacing project was given a one-year deadline extension for resurfacing and repairs.

Initially, the city was told that unless the baby pool and the adult pool were resurfaced by the summer of 2020, the State of Minnesota Licensing Board would not issue a new license. At a cost of $225,000 for the resurfacing repairs, the chances of a small town raising that kind of money in one year seemed remote.

But the City of Minneota footed the bill for the baby pool's resurfacing at an approximate cost of $25,000, which led to the extension of the deadline of the adult pool.

"(Southwest Health and Human Services) come out every year to inspect the pool," said City Administrator Shirley Teigland.

"The resurfacing of the baby and toddler pool was done (by a company from the Twin Cities area) before the pool opened this year."

When the inspection was completed this past spring after the resurfacing to the baby pool, the city was granted a one-year extension for the adult pool resurfacing project, which now must be completed at an approximate cost of $200,000 by the spring of 2021.

The extension proves very beneficial as fundraising is slow and takes many volunteer hours. Since fundraising can't be done by the city, it falls on the shoulders of the Pool Pals organization. Kim Gades, Tami Tolk, Jessica Moriarty, Patty Myrvik and Kelsea Anderson comprise the Pool Pals committee.

"Stephanie (Vlaminck) Koons, who is on the EDA, has also played a big role in helping to raise funds and generate ideas for the pool," Rodas noted. To date, the Pool Pals committee has raised around $13,000. Two donors who have requested anonymity have also stepped forward top help the project move forward.

"One donor will match up to $50,000 and the other will pay 10 percent of the construction costs, which is about $24,000," said Amber Rodas, who is on the City's Pool Committee along with Travis Gillund.

"At this time, the city is exploring options to pay for these repairs," said Rodas. "There is no set plan on how this will be funded currently. We hope to look at grant options, as well."

A successful Adult Prom last March raised awareness for the necessary repairs, while also garnering donations.

"We do plan on doing another Adult Prom this March," Rodas said. Having a community pool is vital, especially in a small town where families are looking at potential areas to live. And those relentlessly working to keep the pool in town aren't about to stop until the money is raised. "We're slowly getting there," said Rodas.

"I do think it would be terrible if the pool closed."

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