City of Minneota looking ahead in 2020

The Minneota City Council was given information Monday about possible upcoming electrical expenses and a potential new industrial park incoming business. Regarding generators and electrical upgrades, the early information indicates a total price tag of around $1.2 million, but from a budgetary standpoint, to upgrade piece by piece. City Administrator Shirley Teigland wanted to give the City Council some advance information so they can consider their options and begin formulating a plan for the future.

“I think the first thing you have to think about is generators,” Ms. Teigland said.

Mayor John Rolbiecki wondered about a priority list. Were some things, “nice to have” recommendations? Administrator Teigland agreed they should assemble a priority list.

Council Member Travis Gillund asked where the funds would come from.

Administrator Teigland explained the money would come from Enterprise funds, and the City would probably have to bond for it, unless the cost was divided into thirds. Administrator Teigland said, “I think the biggest thing is the generators for this year. Even if we could only get one, it would be helpful.”

Ms. Teigland stated they would like to look into used generators, and just wanted the Council to know the kind of costs they were looking at. They would try to get a priority list to look at their options.

Mayor John Rolbiecki stated he had met with someone regarding the corner of Lyon Street and Golf Course Road.

This person was considering erecting a building on a 300 by 300 foot corner lot of the Industrial Park for their business.

Council Member Travis Gillund asked, “When is he thinking about purchasing?”

“He would be building right away this spring,” replied the Mayor.

There was discussion regarding a ten-ton crane the business owner would like to bring in and out of the lot, and questions about upgrading Golf Course Road when the county would eventually be trading County Road 10 for it. There was agreement and enthusiasm about wanting to bring another business to town. Council Member Tim Koppein said, “I would say we should try to accommodate him to show good faith.”

“If we can make it work, that would be wonderful,” said Council Member Amber Rodas. Mayor Rolbiecki stated, “He is very motivated.”

While the Council agreed the City could not justify upgrading the road, and there were questions regarding the cost of water and sewer, it was indicated that the business owner was willing to work with the Council, and may not require water and sewer to be in place. “Let’s try and help him go with Minneota,” said Council Member Tim Koppien.

IN OTHER action, the Council:

•Received information regarding a used 30 KW generator the DNR was offering at a very low price the city was hoping to get for the sewer system, but it is a program specifically for fire departments. It was decided that one should be acquired for the fire department.

•Committee appointments were unchanged and approved.

•Garrett Dubbeldee was approved to be hired as a volunteer fireman providing he passes his physical and background check.

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