Sen. Dahms co-authors bill for misuse of disaster funds

Last week, Senate Republicans introduced legislation that would prohibit state disaster assistance funds from being used for civil unrest. The legislation was sparked by last summer's Twin Cities riots and Governor Tim Walz's announcement that he planned to nearly drain the state's disaster relief fund to rebuild the cities.
Sen. Gary Dahms (R-Redwood Falls) is a co-author on the bill and today released the following statement:
"The people of Greater Minnesota do not want the bailout the City of Minneapolis," said Sen. Dahms. "The disaster relief fund is to be used for natural disasters and not man-made destruction."
The disaster contingency account is an emergency fund intended to help communities clean up after unforeseen disasters like tornadoes, flooding or severs thunderstorms. A comprehensive report on the riots found the worst of the damage could have been avoided had city and state leaders acted faster and more decisively.
"The residents of District 16 should not be financially responsible for rebuilding Minneapolis," continued Sen. Dahms. "I strongly support protecting the disaster contingency account for natural disasters."

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