Locals named to
SMSU Dean's List

Locals named to SMSU Dean's List

Several area students were among Southwest Minnesota State University students honored for achievement during the 2020 Fall semester of study. There are two Honors categories for the Dean’s List. An undergraduate student who completes 12 or more A-F graded credits and achieves a grade-point-average of 3.5 or higher earns Honors. If a 4.0 grade-point-average is achieved, the student earns High Honors.

High honors
Alyssa Engels, Ivanhoe
Cora Engels, Ivanhoe
Rachel Engels, Ivanhoe
Kendra Jerzak, Ivanhoe
Emily Gillingham, Minneota

Marci Bossuyt, Minneota
Brock Fox, Minneota
Stephanie Kimpe, Minneota
Morgan Kockelman, Minneota
Denaca Moorse, Minneota
Justin Otto, Minneota
Brett VanKeulen, Minneota
Maria Callens, Taunton
Jada Moon, Taunton
Brendan Reiss, Taunton
Everett VanHecke, Taunton
Morgen Wersal, Taunton

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