Anthony Harris of the Vikings, back, poses with Dan and Cindy Scamp and their wedding party. Dan and Cindy Scamp with Vikings player Anthony Harris. Dan Scamp, Minnesota Viking C.J. Ham and Cindy Scamp.Cindy Scamp posed with two of the Vikings cheerleaders.

Pro Vikings crash local gal’s wedding

Not even three Minnesota Vikings players could convince recent newlywed Cindy (Coquyt) Scamp to ditch her “Cheesehead” for a pair of yellow braids and Viking horns.

Cindy Scamp, a 2008 Minneota graduate and a lifelong Packers fan, married Dan Scamp of Springfield at Holy Redeemer Church on May 19.

Following the ceremony, the wedding party decided to make the rounds to the local watering holes before the wedding reception.

On that same day, Minneota Vikings players Anthony Harris, C.J. Ham and Stephen Weatherly were in town for the conclusion of their “Town Takeover” clinic for approximately 300 high school players, as well as a promotional team tour.

Also in attendance were several Vikings cheerleaders, a Vikings representative and a Vikings website scribe. Following the conclusion of the clinic, Vikings players and cheerleaders headed downtown for a “meet-and-greet” to sign autographs and have pictures taken with their fans at various locations.

As the Scamps’ wedding party passed a bar, several groomsmen looking through the window spotted C.J. Ham, Minnesota native and third-year fullback from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD.

Those in the wedding group quickly broke into the infamous “SKOL Vikings” chant that was so prevalent this season as the team made it all the way to the NFC Championship.

Upon hearing the team chant, Ham joined the wedding party, signed some autographs and had photos taken with them. The wedding party then left that bar and headed to another one down the street.

There, they spotted Anthony Harris, a fourth-year safety, and yelled for him to come outside. Once he complied with their request, Harris was told that the bride was still behind them and would soon be arriving.

They also made sure Harris knew she was a Packers fan.

“(Harris) hid behind the door and when I got there, he jumped out and pretended to tackle me,” laughed Cindy.

“Needless to say, it scared me. All of (the Vikings players) played along pretty well.”

Harris admitted that it was fun being a wedding crasher.

“It was great,” he said in an interview with

“Sitting in there, talking to fans and taking pictures, you see this wedding group walking down the street, and they’re saying, ‘Come outside!’”

“Everybody’s excited, but wait, the bride is a Packers fan. I decided I’d hide, pop out and (pretend to) tackle her. She did a little Packers dis.”

Cindy’s dis was direct and to the point. “I just jokingly told the Vikings players that my Packers team was going to kick their butt,” she revealed.

The Vikings cheerleaders also took photos with the Scamp’s and other in the wedding party.

The group also caught up with Weatherly, a second-year defensive end, at another pub.

“It was so great that we ran into the Vikings players,” Cindy said.

“My husband is a die-hard Vikings fan. I became a (Packers) fan growing up from my friend loving them as well. I’ve been a cheesehead from the day I knew what football was.”

Dan Scamp is manager of Pizza Ranch, while Cindy is manager of Lockwood Motor Customer Care Center.

The writer who accompanied the players and cheerleaders also interviewed members of the wedding party.

“That was great,” said Cindy. “We were posted on their Instagram and Vikings site.”

She might have said “I do” dressed in white to her new husband, but Cindy still isn’t ready to break into the “Skol Vikings ” chant while dressed in purple.

Not even three members of the Vikings could persuade her to do that.

“I will never switch to purple and gold,” laughed Cindy.

“But I will admit that they’re my second favorite team.”

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