Shirley Gladis has her new coffee shop decorated with items to make the customer feel right at home.Shirley Gladis has her new coffee shop decorated with items to make the customer feel right at home.Wall hangings at the new coffee shop.

Perk up Minneota; a new business is brewing

“I’ve always wanted to run a little coffee shop.”

Perk up Minneota; another new business is brewing. Ever since Shirley Gladis opened “This and That Recreated” last November 4, she has toyed with the idea of adding a modest coffee shop.

And now that her store is closing in on its first anniversary, Gladis is planning to open “Coffee Time” in the back of her store.

“I managed the coffee shop (The Coffee House) at SMSU for six years and I really enjoyed it,” Gladis said.

“I’ve always wanted to run a little coffee shop.”

Many of the patrons of “This and That Recreated” located in one of the former Ufkin’s Furniture and Appliance Store building on Jefferson Street have given Gladis a “thumbs up” for the idea of adding a coffee shop.

“The people notice that I’m getting a coffee shop set up and they say how nice it will be to go and have a cup of coffee,” Gladis reported.

Coffee Time is expected to open Sept. 7 in time for Boxelder Bug Days.

“I’m really excited about it,” said Gladis.

“It will be a place for customers to come in and visit over a cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate.”

To begin with, Gladis will serve coffee, tea and hot chocolate; all for a free-will offering. If all goes well, she could possibly expand the varieties of coffee.

Coffee Time will have three large tables for seating, plus additional seating at the counter. “I want to get my feet wet before I think about expanding, like taking baby steps,” Gladis said. “I’ve got more tables if I need them. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback about having a coffee shop.” Gladis has been a widow for over 20 years.

She grew up five miles north of Minneota and currently lives in Ghent. She is a self-proclaimed “garage-sale” junkie. Over the years, she collected items that she found at a bargain price. She took the items home, fixed and cleaned them up, and is now selling those items in “This and That Recreated”. Many of the items she purchased had a coffee theme and are now being displayed in the new coffee shop. Included in the items is a large clock that her sister, Cindy Jeremiason, painted the word “Coffee Time” on, as well as little coffee cups for the hours.

There is also a glass case with coffee beans inside with the words “In case of emergency, break glass” emblazoned on the outside. This and That Recreated’s opening coincided with North Pole Extravaganza in Minneota last November.

Now, Coffee Time will open during Boxelder Bug Days. Beginning on Sept. 7, the store and coffee shop hours (pending) will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.; and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.

Customers can also come in and meet “Millie”, the store mascot.

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