Kinsey Moorse of Minneota recently earned Reserve Grand Champion at the Minnesota State 4-H Dog Show competition and she showed off her ribbons along with her dog Buck.

Kinsey and Buck: Reserve champs

Kinsey Moorse of Minneota recently earned Reserve Grand Champion at the Minnesota State 4-H Dog Show competition at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.

Moorse, 15, earned the prestigious purple ribbon for her six-year-old dog Buck, a Louisiana Catahoula. They were entered in the Agility Beginner category in which there were 25 competitors. Moorse has participated at the state 4-H dog competition previously in Rally, Showmanship, Jumpers and Agility.

"I've only ever really showed with Buck," said Moorse, who has also shown dairy goats at state. "I showed two dogs for only a short while before we had Buck. "Buck and I didn't do all that great in the past due to still figuring out what worked, so I have a nice rainbow of ribbons from white to reserve champion from up at state."

The dog competition was held on Sept. 21 and 22 in the Exhibit Building at the State Fairgrounds. The Agility competition was held outdoors in two separate course areas.

The state 4-H competition is similar to dog shows commonly seen on television; with the main difference being the dogs competing on TV are AKC recognized breeds.

"We are judged on similar standards." said Moorse, the daughter of Luke and Marla Moorse. "All breeds are shown together rather than by breed." The various categories for the dog competitions include Agility, Obedience, Showmanship, Brace (two dogs working together), Four-Dog team, Rally (a course with signs to follow from start to finish) and Jumpers.

The Agility competition Moorse competed in with Buck includes a course with various types of required obstacles and movements such as a table, dog walk, A-frame, tunnel, teeter and weave poles. "To be honest, I don't practice at home since I don't have jumps built to do so," said Moorse.

"That's probably why Buck gets so excited for practice.

"Lyon County has the equipment at the fairgrounds in Marshall and meet two times a week from May to late September. I have a few jumps at home and can practice the basics of obedience."

Each category progresses in level, beginning with Foundation, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Veteran. The Moorse family located Buck in the Green Sheet classifieds and purchased him in Alpena, SD. Moorse is already planning to compete with Buck at the fair again next year.

"Definitely," she said. "His speed against his opponents was part of what helped us win. Getting a Reserve Champion means that Buck is ready to move up from what he's been doing at practice. "

So what is it that makes Buck such a special dog?

"He has a big heart and is loyal," Moorse responded.

And now she can add Reserve Champion to that list.

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