Recycling with Sharon Root

Well folks, I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting on the past 26-plus years and I’ve been blessed to have this job.

Making the decision to retire at the end of October was hard. You’ll better understand my emotions after considering that spreading the topic of environmental care means a lot to me.

I’ve had encouraging support/advice from many people throughout this ‘journey’, including teachers, family, friends and from folks like you.

I’ve learned so much and had fun working with my co-workers who’ve become friends.

You’re probably wondering, “Why is she calling it quits when it sounds like it’s a pretty good gig?” Well, since I turned 65, it seems like both my body and my mind are getting weaker by the day.

That’s not to say either one of those was ever very strong.

It’s time to ‘turn the reins over’ to someone younger — someone who has more spring-in-their-step, knows how to incorporate the newfangled ways of media and can broaden environmental educational outreach efforts.

Within the next weeks, I’ll be sorting through desk drawers and my little storage closet and recycling the paper items that the new employee won’t need.

One decision won’t be hard though — saying thanks to you folks for putting up with my ramblings all these years.

Until next time, keep reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled!

For info or if your club is interested in a presentation (free) regarding recycling/waste reduction and hazardous waste disposal, call the Lyon County Environmental Office at 507-532-8210.

Also available is information about disposal of appliances, electronics and tires and about the mattress/box frame and child car seat recycling program now available.

Contact: Click on environmental in the departments menu.

Sharon Root

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