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A happy baseball man

Being a baseball fan, I’ve had my good days and I’ve had my bad days. It’s a very rare day, indeed, when all my teams win and make me a very happy man. But Sunday, was one of those days.

Saturday, I drove all the way to Luverne to watch the Minneota American Legion Vultures defeat Adrian, 7-2 in the playoffs.

So on Sunday, I decided to head to Appleton to watch the Minneota Mudhens play Appleton in a game that could mean a lot to Mudhens. If they won, they probably would get a high ranking in the upcoming playoffs.

Meanwhile, the American Legion was still alive and were playing at Luverne for the right to play in the sub-state tournament at St. James this coming week.

During the Mudhens’ game at Appleton, player Brock Buysse was nice enough to share his hookup with his father Jeff in Luverne.

So as the Mudhens played, we were getting reports on how the American Legion was doing. The Mudhens began winning, then led by as much as 11-0.

And at the same time, the American Legion beat Tracy, 5-3 to put themselves into a final game with Pipestone to go to the sub-state.

About the time the Mudhens wrapped up an 11-2 win over Appleton, we got the word the American Legion team had defeated Pipestone, 9-5 and were on their way to the St. James tournament.

I went home completely happy, all the while listening to my favorite professional team, the Minnesota Twins. They were in a dogfight against Tampa Bay.

The Twins had the lead, gave it up, got it back, then settled into a 7-7 tie and went into extra innings. I kept driving and listening.

Finally, I arrived home, hurried in the house to see the end of the game, and got to see Brian Dozier hit a grand slam home run to give the Twins the 11-7 win.

Talk about a happy guy. A triple win — the Mudhens,the American Legion Vultures and now the Minnesota Twins were all winners. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

By the way, the Mudhens played without Beau Buysse, Preston Nuy, Tommy Fischer, Cal Swedzinski, Drew Fadness and Noah Scott.

Yet they were able to secure a win. And ironically, while they ended in a four-way tie, each with 7-4 records with Morris, Dumont and Chokio, the Mudhens had defeated each of those teams in league play and as a result, were ranked No. 2 in the upcoming playoffs.

It’s the highest ranking they’ve had since joining the Land O’Ducks League.

By the way, did you ever wonder why it’s called, “Land O’Ducks”?

In the conference are such teams as: Minneota MUDHENS; Dawson DRAKES; Madison MALLARDS; Cottonwood CARDINALS, Clinton CARDS and Morris EAGLES (ok, those last three are birds, not ducks), but you get the idea — Birds of a Feather Flock Together, you know.

The Vultures coming back to win three games after losing the first game was outstanding.

This group of boys don’t have one outstanding pitcher, they all contribute ... and they aren’t tremendous hitters — again, they all contribute in different ways. And they play good defense.

Most of all, they seem to be having fun playing the game. Congratulations, Vultures.

By the way, it’s with a little emotion Alex Pohlen is playing his final games with his friends.

By July 30 he’s moving on to play football at Dakota Wesleyan College in Mitchell, SD. “It will be sad to leave all my friends,” Pohlen said.

LAUGH A LITTLE: Rednecks! Two guys walking down a dirt path. One man had a big sack over his shoulder. The other man asks what’s in the sack.

The first man says, “I got me some chickens for dinner tonight.” The other man asks how many chickens are in the sack.

“Well, I’ll tell you,” replies the first man, “If you can guess how many chickens I got in this here sack, I’ll give them both to you.”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.”

He also used to tell me it’s not how many years you live, it’s how well you live them. Thanks Ole Pappy!

Byron Higgin

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