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‘Getting rid of all your treasures’

The Mascot’s December Open House was a success. We enjoyed a day filled with great guests and goodies. However, there was one part of the day we as a staff were upset about. The gift we wanted to hand out to everyone didn’t arrive until the afternoon AFTER our open house.

That was a debacle and since then, Cherri and I have been doing our best to offer any customer who walks through the door the free gift. Some customers jump at the chance to take home a free goodie, while others have politely declined letting me know that they “don’t need any more stuff.”

Those people usually proceed to tell me about how they are trying to get rid of all their “treasures.” I would say it’s almost a 60/40 split on people that take it or leave it. I don’t blame the folks that don’t want any more clutter.

In fact, decluttering homes is one of the top New Year’s Resolutions.

Netflix caught on to that because on New Year’s Day, they released a new show called, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.”

It’s not a super thrilling show by any means, and I would classify it under “self improvement.”

Anyway, Marie Kondo is a decluttering guru and she goes into normal people’s homes and tries to help them get rid of stuff.

They are not hoarders, just everyday people that have overflowing garages, closets, junk drawers, etc. Kondo tries to help them organize their spaces and either trash or donate items they don’t need. While holding up items, Kondo asks the simple question, “Does it spark joy?”

It’s kind of funny to see these people holding up old pairs of underwear and socks asking themselves if the holey underwear and socks bring them joy.

But, Kondo is on to something.

According to the LA Times, the average home in the United States has over 300,000 items. If you’re like me and enjoy the idea of the minimalist lifestyle (living with limited things), but just aren’t quite there yet, here are a few tips.

Try the trash bag tango. You get two trash bags, with the idea here being to clear the superficial clutter from your home.

In the first one you put trash; in the second bag, you put stuff that’s going to a charity or a yard sale, books that you’ve read or clothing that no longer fits you,—and anything else that you just want out of the house.

Try decluttering your closet the smart way. Turn all the clothes hanging in your closet so that the hangers face back-to-front.

For the next six months (or whatever time frame you choose), if you wear an item of clothing, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct way.

If you try it on but decide not to wear it, make sure you put it back with the hanger turned backward—no cheating.

Be prepared for a shock; you are going to find you own lots of clothes you have no use for. You should consider getting rid of anything you don’t wear regularly.

This is something I need to try. I have a nice collection of clothing. But, not all of it brings me joy anymore.

What’s nice about Minneota is that we have an awesome thrift store you can take your treasures and clothing directly to or the Youth of Hope have their “Souls 4 Soles” program to recycle old shoes.

There are also other local organizations that take gently used clothing, too. For all of you minimalist and decluttering seekers out there, I wish you luck.

For everyone else, please stop by the Mascot and Cherri or I will be more than happy to shine a light on your love of free gifts.

Brittany Moorse

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