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Where do you get the best fan experience?

I was listening to one of my podcasts on Tuesday, and the host of the show posed this question to the listeners and co-hosts. “What is the better fan experience, actually being at the game, or watching it from the comfort of your own couch on your flat screen T.V.?”

I’ve actually been pondering that question myself. It seems when I’m at a game, I’m usually so distracted by everything else around me that I completely lose track of the game. Between visiting with other people or just taking in the other sites at games, especially professional games, my attention span is totally lost.

The podcast panels were fairly divided on what they thought the correct answer was. Two of them thought being at the actual game is the best way to go while the other two relished the thought of watching the game from the comfort of their own homes.

I would have to say, actually being at the game is always a good answer.

They’re usually a lot of fun and you get to make many memories along the way. However, I don’t get very much out of the actual game. I tend to agree with the notion that being in the comfort of your home is the best way to get the ultimate fan experience.

For me, I think technology has really spoiled me.

No matter where I am, I can livestream either video or radio coverage of most high school, college or professional games on my smart phone.

If I can’t make it to my brother’s games right away and I’m not near a radio, I can just go to the radio app on my phone, tap it, and boom! I’m listening to the Minneota Vikings. It’s pretty slick.

Minneota Schools also offers livestreaming of many school events on YouTube. To find the link, you go to the school’s website,, scroll down on the Home page, and locate this, “To stream our Minneota Viking events live, click on the link below! Go Vikings!”

Below this, there is a link to the school’s YouTube account and within seconds, you’ll be watching the game or event. This can really spoil a person. For example, on Friday night, my dad and I were finishing up with chores when I asked him if he wanted to go to the football game. It was cold and wet from the rain and sitting outside didn’t sound too appealing. Having a Smart T.V. can also spoil a person.

All I had to do was go to the school’s YouTube account on the T.V. options and there was the game. Sitting on your own couch, nice, warm and dry while watching the game I felt was a great fan experience.

If that wasn’t enough, I could just turn the radio on for commentary.

I did feel a little bad that I wasn’t there in person to watch my little brother play, but honestly, I paid more attention from the couch than I would have freezing at the game. Because the Minnesota Vikings played a late game on Sunday, I had to begin my calf chores and couldn’t get the radio.

Never fear, my phone came to the rescue again as I used my Hulu app to livestream the game while outside. It was great, except I felt a little bad about exposing my calves to anti-Viking commentators, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

It’s really fascinating to live during an era that gives you so many different options to keep up on your favorite teams instantly.

For me, watching from home definitely has its perks.

Brittany Moorse

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