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4-Hers overcame and learned

It was a busy and extremely HOT weekend, but another successful Lyon County Fair is in the books.

The Minneota area was well represented by the local 4-Hers. My siblings and our lease kids all did very well and I’m very proud of all of them.

My sister won many awards including Reserve Overall Rabbit. Last week in my column, I asked readers to visit with 4-Hers and ask them what challenges they’ve experienced and what they’ve learned from their projects. Well, my sister had her share of challenges this summer.

Her favorite rabbit is a year old white, fluffy Jersey Wooly named “RuPaul.” Well, RuPaul has been giving her gray hair all summer.

First, his bottom front teeth were overlapping his top front teeth so they needed to be trimmed the beginning of June.

My mom grabbed the trimmer and I flipped him over and propped his mouth open. While my mom clipped one of the teeth without a problem, she accidently pulled the other bottom tooth out! Brooke was on the verge of collapse until I reassured her it would grow back before the fair.

Fun fact, a rabbit’s teeth grow six to seven inches a year. The bigger problem with RuPaul was between the heat and his missing tooth, he backed off on his feed.

When an animal backs off feed, it effects their condition, which is the same as it effects humans. A show rabbit needs to be in top condition in order to compete and in order to handle the stress that showing can offer.

With that said, RuPaul was babied this summer. He received extra oats and alfalfa hay and he was even fed special show condition pellets. My sister also gave him many salon treatments to keep his coat in as prime of condition as possible.

My sister showed a few times this spring at youth 4-H shows around Southwest Minnesota and even earned several showmanship titles, all with her beloved RuPaul.

That ignited her drive to win her showmanship class at the Lyon County Fair, which she did. While showing the judge RuPaul’s teeth, she was a little nervous.

But to her relief, his teeth look perfect, no braces required. During his class, the judge only had glowing remarks about him.

He went on to win his breed, then Reserve Senior Buck and topping it off with the Reserve Overall Champion Rabbit title.

RuPaul had another trick up his sleeve though. During one of his champion photo shoots, he caught my sister off guard, turned around, and tried to play “leap frog” with the rabbit next to him.

My sister found it especially challenging to deal with as the crowd erupted in laughter and her face turned different shades of red. She tried to deal with her “excitable” rabbit to the best of her ability, but it was just another challenge that she faced this year.

When you flip through this paper, I hope you take time to look at the 4-H champion photos.

While the photos don’t reflect it, each of those 4-H members dealt with and overcame an obstacle and learned from it.

Brittany Moorse

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