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What to do during a rain delay

Have you ever sat down and tuned into a baseball game and then be discouraged to hear that the game is delayed by rain?

And you think to yourself, “That’s such a bummer! I wonder what the people at the game do during the delay?”

Well, I can tell you. I’ve now experienced my second consecutive rain delay for a Minnesota Twins game at Target Field in Minneapolis.

Every year, my best friend and I journey to the Twin Cities to take in a Twins game.

This spring, we saw that they were hosting, “South Dakota State University Night,” where if you bought that special ticket package, you received a Twins and SDSU collaborative hat.

We booked our tickets as soon as they went on sale and on Thursday afternoon we started our adventure to Target Field and the closer to the Twin Cities we got, the darker it was.

As we checked into our night accommodations, we received ticket alerts from the Minnesota Twins saying there was a rain delay and the game was planning on starting at 8:10 p.m., instead of 7:10.

We really wanted to get to the field to get our hats so we continued on as planned, but it was nice because instead of baseball fans being in a frenzy to get to the game on time, everyone, including ourselves, was really lax about getting there.

After we received our awesome hats, we went and found our seats. Last year when we went to a Twins game, it rained for about an hour and where we sat, our seats didn’t get wet.

So this year, we booked seats in the same area. I call it, “The Peasant Seating”, which basically means it’s the top third section along the third baseline where the overhang protects the seats.

Smart move on our part, because yet again, it rained on our baseball parade. It was great because our seats were dry and so were we.

The usher in our section was very nice and he explained to us that after it stops raining, it will take the ground crew and teams at least a half an hour before the first pitch is tossed.

It stopped raining, the grounds crew went out, and within minutes it began raining again.

The game was then set to begin at 9:10 p.m. We then looked up the Twins’ rain delay policy just in case. We really didn’t mind.

It gave us a chance to walk around and explore Target Field and all the delicious food venues.

With it being South Dakota State Night, there were many fellow SDSU alumni at the game that we knew. It was really neat to see old friends reconnect at Target Field.

It wasn’t just us that were able to visit with old classmates and friends. It seemed every step you took, there was some sort of SDSU reunion going on.

The camaraderie at the game was indescribable as almost everyone you saw was sporting some sort of SDSU apparel and it was such a fun, welcoming, electric environment, despite all the rain.

Even though the Twins were taking on the Tampa Bay Rays, Jackrabbits definitely invaded Target Field.

Another friend of mine who was at the game has a cousin who works for the Minnesota Twins.

We met up with her and she was telling us the details of SDSU night.

She thought it was one of the most successful college nights the Twins have hosted.

During the seventh inning, we knew some folks that were right behind home plate and one row up from the VIP seating.

The people in front of them left and we went down and sat with them.

The players went from looking like ants to real people. It was so cool to be that close and it was a real treat to be there when Eddie Rosario hit his two-run home run.

All in all, rain delays can be a pain. But I’ve went through two of them now. Make the most of it, it won’t rain on your baseball parade.

Brittany Moorse

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