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The Great Flood of 2018?


It wasn’t quite fireworks as many area residents woke up to thunder, lightning and an enormous amount of rain on Tuesday morning.

It was a rough night for my dog Pixie and for anyone with basements and many people in Southwest Minnesota.

Pixie received some melatonin in a hot dog to calm her down but looking at rain fall totals and seeing my phone light up with warnings including a Flash Flood Warning stressed me out.

At our farms, we calculated we received nearly 5 inches of rain in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

We have messes all over our yards, soggy animals and many of our crops are under water and look terrible. But compared to other folks in Lyon County, we feel pretty fortunate.

This flooding made my dad and uncle recall the “Great Flood of 1993.” I was only three years old so I don’t remember this at all.

However, with all the recent rain, my dad has been talking about where the water was and how bad the flooding was then. Actually, in last week’s edition of the Mascot in the 25 years ago section, the 1993 flooding was showcased.

According to the June 23, 1993 Mascot, “The weather is on everyone’s mind right now in the aftermath of a deluge of rain that caused wide-spread flooding.”

“In concern over the collapse of the dam, volunteers gathered near the City Office and filled sandbags.”

“The rain didn’t stop until morning to total 4.54 inches on Wednesday night, 1.18 on Friday and Saturday .34 inches.” I don’t recall these events, but they seem similar to what we are going through right now.

In fact, Lyon County Emergency Director Tammy VanOverbeke has had her hands full trying to help every community in the county deal with the rising water and dangerous conditions.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has been very busy on Tuesday morning issuing many warnings and news releases about the flooding here in Southwest Minnesota.

“Recent rains are causing flooding in southern Minnesota. Motorists should be aware, and drive with caution in Lyon County, Murray County and Redwood County as roads are flooded.”

“Highway 19 at the intersection of County Road 5 to Marshall is closed due to flooding. Highway 14 from Tracy to Walnut Grove is also closed due to flooding.”

“In addition to the counties mentioned, city streets in Marshall are also under water. The City of Marshall asks that residents drive carefully. The situation is being assessed and updates will be provided as they become available.”

“The Minnesota Department of Transportation warns motorists that driving through water is dangerous.”

“Vehicles can be swept away in only several inches of moving water.

Motorists are encouraged to check for the latest road information.”

This flooding is not a joke and these situations are very dangerous.

Vehicles, people and animals can easily be swept away from the rushing water and if that happens in can be deadly.

Stay safe and whomever turned the water on, please shut it off!

Brittany Moorse

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