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Let’s share the road safely asparagus pickers

The weather has warmed up, the flowers are blooming, the trees are full of green leaves and even some crops are starting to come up. The nice weather has lots of folks planting and tending to gardens.

There are some people that are even beginning to enjoy locally grown fresh vegetables like asparagus. I’m not one of those people.

No matter how it’s prepared, I’m not crazy about it, even grilled and doused with butter or wrapped in juicy, delicious bacon.

Asparagus is supposed to be good for you as it’s a good source of Vitamin K. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The savory vegetable also serves as a natural diuretic and nourishes the digestive tract.

The long list of benefits also includes being a good source of fiber, is high in Vitamin B1 and thiamin and some research has shown that it can help fight cancer.

Lucky for me, I live in an area that wild asparagus grows every year. It’s not much of a secret, because there are constantly people stopping on the road to pick it.

It must grow like crazy because all summer long many people are stopping on the road to search and gather for asparagus. We have a stretch of fence line that is relatively untouched.

Last night, my brother picked close to 10 pounds worth of asparagus and he claimed he barely touched the treasure trove of the veggie.

I think it’s great that people want to gather their own food and eat healthy vegetables all summer long.

However, I don’t like the people that endanger themselves and others in the process. If you are an asparagus picker, don’t park in the middle of the road.

You are hogging the road so no one else can use it. Keep your dogs and children out of the middle of the road.

Nothing makes me more nervous than seeing kids or pets not paying attention and playing in the road that I’m trying to drive on.

Please don’t drive, then stop 10 feet later, then drive a few more feet, and stop again.

It drives us “locals” crazy and we want to use our stretch of the road and use it safely.

Also, don’t drive with your door wide open with you hanging half out of it looking for asparagus.

It’s just an accident waiting to happen. Just because you’re “roughing it” as a picker, doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear clothes.

This is a real problem, especially when it gets hotter out. You don’t want to know what I have seen. Or my dog Pixie.

Let’s share the road safely this summer asparagus pickers.

Enjoy the summer and happy asparagus picking!

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