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Here in Minneota, we are pretty spoiled

Like many area folks on Saturday afternoon, I was trying to listen to the state volleyball championship and the first round state football.

It involved two different radios, and constantly changing the volume on one in order to hear the happenings of the other game better.

It was really exciting! Congratulations on a terrific season Minneota Volleyball! Second in the state is pretty great.

I was in high school when Minneota won in 2006 and it was an unforgettable experience and such a fun memory. Students and fans at Minneota schools are pretty spoiled. We have the privilege of attending so many great state events through our many different activities.

It’s kind of crazy to think about, but take a school like Russell-Tyler-Ruthton. It’s been a few years since they’ve made a state tournament appearance in anything.

And here we are with football, volleyball and members of the Cross Country team at state.

Some of my most fond memories of high school are playing in the pep band and making the trips to section championships and state volleyball and basketball.

We found out the hard way that Williams Arena and Target Center don’t allow instrument cases to be brought inside. Thankfully, my trumpet isn’t too heavy and it was a lot of fun to go to all those great games.

As a section champion for speech, competing at the state speech meet was a lot of fun too and was a great way to cap off my senior year.

My brothers and sister have been lucky too to go as spectators and competitors.

Last year, when Minneota Wrestling made it to state as a team, I had all I could do to keep it together when my brother Gared wrestled for the team.

It’s exciting and a bit nerve racking to have all eyes on your little brother while some guy is trying to take him down.

All of my brothers have been on fantastic football teams. Gared was on the last state championship team and Grady is a youngster “waiting in the wings” for the 2017 football team.

Minneota has had great kids compete in state FCCLA, FFA, 4-H and more with several teams and individuals go on to excel at the national levels.

It’s pretty safe to say that here in Minneota, we are pretty spoiled.

My uncle Troy has caught on to the “Minneota way” too. Uncle Troy grew up in Hendricks and has always been my sports “go to” uncle. He can rattle off statistics and player history better than anyone.

He thought watching Minneota football play at TCF Bank Stadium was a lot of fun. He has been eyeing the Class A football brackets for weeks and had it circled on the calendar when the games would be played at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

“No pressure, Grady,” was what his wife, our aunt Denise said.

You can imagine Troy’s excitement livestreaming the game on Saturday. I couldn’t be more excited for the football team, getting to play at beautiful US Bank Stadium.

They’ll have my uncle Troy in the stands as well as many other pretty spoiled Minneota fans.

Brittany Moorse

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