Milk Maid

Slipping and sliding through the winter

If you taken a stroll outside lately, you’ll notice we have more than our fair share of ice.

In some spots, it’s hiding underneath a some snow, and in other spots it’s front and center. I’ve had my fair share of wipe outs so far on the ice and I have the bruises to prove it. I

t’s been so slippery out, that my brother gave me a pair of ice cleats to wear over my boots when I do chores. Ice cleats are a contraption, affixed to a shoe or boot, with small spikes underneath. At first I was sceptical, but the first time I wore them I didn’t slip once and felt really comfortable navigating through the winter terrain.

I’ve been wearing them since. It’s a good thing too because we’ve been a little short staffed on the farm this week.

Last week, my dad was getting out of his truck when he hit the ice. The next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground after taking a huge tumble on the ice. He did suffer a concussion.

Thankfully, he didn’t suffer from any broken bones, but he is extremely sore. The staff at the emergency room sent him home with a walker, complete with tennis balls. That didn’t last long, and he quickly upgraded to a cane. He’s still moving a little slow and is extremely cautious on the ice, but he’s been able to ditch the cane too. Besides avoiding ice and wearing ice cleats, what are some ways you can stay safe this winter? Here are a few tips: •Select proper footwear. Avoid leather and plastic.

•Walk consciously. You can test your travel path by sliding your shoe or boot on it to see if it is slick. •Walk “small.” Spread your feet our slightly like a penguin. Walking like a penguin on ice increases your center of gravity.

•Learn from my dad as many injuries occur when entering or exiting a vehicle. •Be sure you remove snow immediately, before it becomes packed down and turns to ice. Hopefully, these tips help you avoid falling this winter.

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