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From the Mascot Files: 75, 50, and 25 years ago

75 Years Ago-July 28, 1944

Mascot sold

This issue of The Mascot is the first one to go to press with out the name of Gunnar B. Bjornson, as editor or owner since April 20, 1900. In a deal completed on Monday of this week The Mascot was sold to Ragnar Guttormsson, present publisher, who has leased the paper for the past ten and one-half months.

Meets brother

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Janssen, who live west of here, received a letter from their son, Sgt. John Janssen, who wrote from the battlefields of France telling them that he had met his brother Cpl. Edward, there and visited with him for about two hours.


H.F. Lueth has resigned as creamery manager here and will go into business for himself at Lakefield, Minn. Mr. Lueth has bought a store selling dairy products there and will also operate a milk route. Edgar H. Gillund, 3 2/c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gillund, is now stationed at Seattle, Washington.

50 Years Ago-July 31, 1969

Five Generations

Five generations met at the Marshall nursing home on Sunday afternoon. Included in the gathering were Mrs. J.B. Gislason of Minneota, her son, Byron Gislason; Byron’s daughter, Mrs. Edward Frikken; Mrs. Frikken’s daughter, Mrs. Loren Krause; and Vaughen Edward, son of Mrs. Krause. Mrs. Gislason is 94 years old.

Two students attend Marketing School

Two students of the agriculture class at the local high school, Curtis Eischens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Eischens, and Larry Buysse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Buysse, attended the “Meat Type Marketing School and Swine Evaluation Clinic” which was held at South St. Paul last week.

Golf Tourney winners

The following were winners in the Junior Golf Tournament which was held here Sunday: Douglas Spanton, winner in the championship flight; Mike Ellingson, Marshall, runner-up in the championship flight; Bill Bourgeois, winner of the first flight; Richard Christianson, winner of second flight and Paul Geiwitz, winner of third flight. There were 21 boys entered in the tourney. Taunton News Mike Stoks celebrated his 13th birthday Friday with Kim and Kurt Pesch. Other guests were Jim Fredricks, Mike Guza, John Breyfogle and Jim Breyfogle.


Robin Hammer and Rhonda Lyn Pesch exhibited some of their original art work at the International Peace Garden Art Show on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hammer attended the art show.

25 Years Ago-July 27, 1994

Mayor accepts donation from Pennings family

The family of Dr. A. Pennings has made a fine donation to the City of Minneota in the form of a public address system. The late Pennings, who was an auctioneer in addition to a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine, used the system when he called sales. That system can now be used for functions within the City, whenever a public address system is needed. Open House Open house 70th birthday party is for Franz Breyfogle on Sunday, August 7 from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Rusty’s Corner Cafe.

The Minneota Class of 1944

The Minneota class of 1944 held its 50th class reunion on June 4-5 at the Best Western Marshall Inn. In attendance was: Dudley Hovland, Leonard Boulton, Wallace Pesch, Geraldine (Springer) Strassburg, Phyllis (Dovre) Thureson, Bernadine (Gossen) Janssen, Garfield O. Hoversten, Vernon M. Schiller, Raymond VanDorpe, James Sumption, Lawrence P. Tillemans, O. Willis Rye, Allen Johnson, Elsie (Johnson) Keys, Theresa (Janssen) Gossen, Betty (Cope) Henle, Loretta (Schiller) Kern, Thomas Yeo, Walter P. Duthoy, Joe Laleman, Aschiel T. Kimpe, Thomas G. Ahern, Ellsworth Hanson, Harriet (Hellerud) Hager, Minneota High School principal and teacher Miles Nelson, Minneota High School coach and teacher Gerald J. Ross.

Married 65 years

Congratulate Sam and Agnes Severson of this community on their 65th wedding anniversary. The couple celebrates this milestone on July 29th, Friday of this week.

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