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Community Kindness

Dear Editor;

Last Tuesday evening, my wife and I were driving through Minneota with our utility trailer when it became disconnected from my pickup. Fortunately, the safety chains kept the trailer behind my pickup.

Within one minute of us pulling over, a young man and his son stopped to see if they could help us. We assured them we were ok and they proceeded on. Within another minute, another gentleman driving in the opposite direction of where we stopped, also stopped to see if we needed help.

We assured him we were ok. Within another minute, a Minneota police officer, Austin Thompson stopped to see if he could be of assistance. I told Austin I had the wrong receiver hitch on and that I just needed to run back to our home by Ghent and grab the correct receiver.

He said, “I’ll do you one better, I’ll go to my dad’s shop and grab his, and you can just use it and return it whenever”. When Austin returned with the receiver hitch, we talked for a few minutes about Minneota and all the folks that had stopped previously, and what an awesome warm feeling we felt after a “bad situation” started it all with the wrong receiver hitch.

As we drove off, our whole conversation centered about the “acts of kindness” and not a word about the wrong hitch and the damage to my pickup. Minneota, you have great people and a great young officer in Austin Thompson. Thanks to all who stopped to help us.

Mike & Jean Henle Owner, Henle Printing Company, Marshall

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