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Door to door salemen

Spring and summer brings with them door to door sales people. Often these people work for reputable companies and already have clients in Minneota.

However, we also have companies that come to town who do not have a local presence and may even be from out of state.

In order to ensure both your personal and consumer safety, Minneota has a permitting system that all door to door sales people must follow.

The first step to getting a permit is to complete an application which requires bonding and background checks.

This is done to ensure criminals are not coming to your home and to make sure the company has resources should there be a problem.

The other benefit with the application is to have a business record along contact information in the event a product fails to live up to the sales pitch.

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a product only to find out that it doesn't work and you have no way of making a complaint to the company or getting your money back.

The final step of the application process is approval by city council.

In the past 4 years, I have only seen two companies submit a permit application.

My advice is that if anyone comes to your door selling something, ask to see their permit.

If they don't have one, then don't do business with them....and before you ask —We don't require a permit for girl or boy scouts or fundraisers for our local schools. ... so your supply of thin mints is safe.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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