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Keep cut grass off the streets

Trees are getting leaves, flowers are coming up and some have already had to mow their lawn a few times. Mowing a lawn can be a chore and I don't want to add to it but everyone needs to pay attention as to where their grass clippings end up.

Often people will mow along the curb with the grass clippings being blown out onto the street and then fail to remove them from the street. This is a violation of the a city ordinance and may result in a citation.

The reason why you can't leave your grass clippings in the street is because it pollutes our rivers and lakes. When grass clippings are in the street, they end up being washed into the storm sewers during a rain and then into our river.

Grass clippings, fertilizers and other chemicals used on the grass have a negative impact on water quality and promote algae growth.

The best way to avoid a citation is to blow the grass away from the curb for two or three cuts and then you should be able to blow the grass back toward the curb without it entering the street.

Please take this warning seriously as I don't want to have to write any citations for this offense.

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