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Drinking a serious problem

The weather has been great, but sadly this time of the year also means an increase in alcohol related calls. Minneota and the surrounding areas have seen a rise in drunk driving and intoxicated individuals.

This may result in an increased law enforcement presence in communities and more traffic law enforcement. Our goal is to save lives and to prevent criminal activity.

You can help by limiting the amount you drink, keeping your kids from drinking, don't drink any amount if you are driving and don't let your friends drive who have been drinking.

There are many reason why people drink in excess. Most of the reasons are warning signs that there are serious problems in their life.

If you know someone who drinks too much, drives drunk, or drinks underage; they need help. It is better to get them help now before they kill themselves or someone else.

If you need help or more information you can call me.

I prefer helping you rather than arresting your or telling your loved ones that you have died.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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