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Learn to use the SOS button

Almost every newer cell phone or device has some form of “SOS” or “I need help” panic button feature. How it’s activated can vary from phone to phone along with who is contacted.

Some phones will call 911 and leave the line open for the dispatcher to listen. Some phones will send a text to a designated person and include a few second audio file from the open microphone.

If you receive a call or text like this, it will send you into panic mode because you will worry for your loved one or friend.

These are great apps but they are only useful if you know you have one and if you know how to use it.

Also, you should notify anyone that you have designated as an emergency contact of that and they may get this type of call or text.

If you do receive an “SOS” or “I need help” text, the first thing you should do is try to call the sender and determine what type of emergency they are having and where they are.

Not every “emergency” needs law enforcement or the police and we rely on your judgement to determine if the police are needed.

These calls can also be triggered accidentally; so by calling the person first you may learn that they had unintentionally pocket dialed you.

Please take the time to check your phone for this type of app and look at the settings.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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