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Thefts will increase

As we move into spring, there are certain things you can count on. One of those things will be the increase in thefts.

Thieves like to take advantage of warmer weather to be out walking around.

They look for open garages, unlocked vehicles and even unlocked homes.

Did you realize that you get to choose if you are a victim?

In the last four years, I have not had a single vehicle forcibly entered. That means that every theft from a motor vehicle occurred because the owner left the vehicle unlocked and left their valuables inside.

I have only had a couple of residences that had their doors forced open and I suspect the thief knew the victims.

If you want to avoid becoming a victim and having your property stolen, I suggest you lock your vehicles, homes and garages.

Don't leave valuables in your vehicle. Install and use a deadbolt on entry doors and turn on your outside lights.

Our local hardware store and lumber yard sell LED bulbs which cost next to nothing to use.

You could leave them on all day and night and probably not notice an increase in your electric bill. Take responsibility for your property and belongings by keeping them locked up and safe.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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