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A gift from your chief

As Christmas and the New Year approach, I give you a gift in hopes of bettering your lives. This gift cannot be eaten nor can it be traded for riches.

However, I will give testimony that if you accept this gift you will know real wealth and happiness. I know many who lack this gift and I am frequently called to deal with them.

The lack of this gift causes heartache, suffering, pain and despair. Without it every aspect of a person's life suffers.

I give you the gift of RESPECT. The gift is twofold, SELF RESPECT and RESPECT FOR OTHERS. You don't need to be perfect to receive respect.

You don't need to like someone or agree with them to show respect. This gift of respect is meant to be a foundational corner stone of your life.

It is my hope that you will build or rebuild your life with the acceptance that respect is a gift to be shared. It springs forth from the well of your character to be given to all.

If you share it, not only will your life be better but the lives of others as well. If you hoard it, you will drown in pride and arrogance.

Respect was never meant to be purchased in exchange for good deeds as some hold to the idea that "respect must be earned", for if this is true how then shall we treat those who have yet to "earn" our respect or who fall short of the price we put on our respect?

How you treat others says more about you than the person whom you give to or deny respect.

May you have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and may your New Year be better than the last.

You will always have my respect and I will do my best to serve you with honor and integrity.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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