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Christmas safety tips

Lock your cars and don't leave gifts or anything in your car that would tempt a thief. Don't have packages delivered to your home when you are gone.

Thieves will walk up to your door and steal any package left by a delivery driver. It is better to have the item sent to your place of work.

Unless your boss is the Grinch, they should understand. When shopping, be the bigger person.

That toy is not worth fighting over.

That electronic device is not worth getting shot over.

Just imagine how embarrassed you will feel when you call your family for bail money after being arrested for disorderly conduct while shopping for Christmas gifts.

Don't drive recklessly in a parking lot looking for the perfect parking spot. Walking an extra 100 feet will not kill you. Don't drink and drive.

You may think you can handle your Christmas liquor but in reality you just look like a fool and may end up killing someone.

When you are visiting family you don't like, try to set the example.

Every year, police are called to homes because one family member was rude to another family member and it got out of hand.

Almost every time alcohol is involved.

The Minneota Police Department wants your entire holiday season to be wonderful so please make good choices and be kind to each other.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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