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Behind the scenes at City Hall

As the Police Chief, I’m highly visible in my uniform and squad car and people often see me working in the public.

However, what you don't see and may be unaware of is everything that goes on behind the scenes. I don't have sufficient space in this article to list everyone or everything but I would like to talk about two of the biggest supporters and partners to the Police Department.

The first person is City Administrator Shirley Teigland. As my direct supervisor, she has offered insight and direction regarding the Minneota community and its needs.

I have learned a great deal form Shirley as I have watched her patiently and professionally help residents with their concerns. On numerous occasions Shirley has mediated and helped find solutions to concerns shared by residents.

In many of these situations, the city was not even officially involved, but because we are a small town, people often bring their concerns to city hall seeking help. We NEVER turn anyone away and if we can't provide assistance we try to refer them to someone who can.

Shirley is the type of supervisor that listens and mentors. Rather than micro managing, she asks questions and makes supportive suggestions.

Shirley is always there when I need to run an idea by someone to make sure it is right and she’s always there when I need to know who people are and their background. Shirley provides balance and reasonableness in helping guide the police department and how we provide services.

She closely monitors not only the police department budget but the entire city budget to ensure fiscal responsibility.

The second person we need to recognize is the City Clerk, Alexis Ramirez. Alexis is my go to person for paperwork. Her experience and expertise saves me hundreds of hours there by allowing me to get out of the office and work with people directly.

Alexis is the first contact person for the city when you walk in the door or call on the phone. Her smile and laughter relaxes people and I have seen many people stop in to simply say hello.

Alexis also helps by sharing her perspective on police work and how it impacts families and the average person.

Both Shirley and Alexis work very hard behind the scenes to provide the best service possible to the residents and visitors of Minneota.

It takes a lot to provide high quality law enforcement services and we are able to do just that because of our team work, dedication and countless hours or hard work behind the scenes.

If you agree with me, please stop in and thank Shirley and Alexis. . . . they certainly deserve it.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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