Ask the Chief

Are you sick?

Not of the snow or the cold, but are you actually ill? Many people are coming down with all sorts of nasty bugs.

I have heard that several have been diagnosed with influenza B while others have a sinus, cough, fatigue combo that hit them like a sledgehammer.

I myself had been down for 5 days with the unknown and only returned to work because things have to get done. (I need a magical cop fairy to help me out if you know where I can get one).

If you have avoided becoming ill, I envy you. I encourage all to wash their hands frequently and properly.

Hot water, soap and singing Happy Birthday to yourself twice while you wash is a good practice.

Don’t share food, drinks or anything else that may contain body fluids.

If you sneeze, do so into a Kleenex or your sleeve. Drink lots of fluid, and don’t push yourself. One of the biggest contributors to an illness getting worse or lasting longer is failing to rest and staying hydrated.

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