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Home security systems


Some have asked about home security systems, and these are my thoughts on what you should look for.

1. It is extremely rare for a law enforcement officer to catch a burglary in progress, or, after an alarm goes off, arrive in time to catch the thief.

2. With that being said, you need one of two types of systems. The first is a very loud audible alarm that scares away the burglar because it draws attention to the home.

These alarms can be painfully loud to the point that your neighbors will hear it in their home and call the police. This alarm can be set off with a door, window or motion trigger.

The second type of alarm is a high definition camera that has night vision capability and is motion activated. They can either store the photos to a hard drive at the residence or preferably send the photos to your phone or email account using the internet or a cellular service.

3. The best systems have both, and I like the ones that send the photos to your phone. This is because thieves will often steal the cameras or the hard drive to avoid you having any evidence, but if it is sent to your phone or the cloud the evidence is secure.

4. These systems are often very affordable and expandable so that you can start with what you can afford and add to it later. Two of the best systems I have seen lately are SimpliSafe and a camera you can get at the Verizon Store in Marshall.

5. Finally, if you add a basic security system to the advised practice of outdoor lighting and locking your doors, the odds of you being a victim are very small.

Chief Bill Bolt

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