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Door to door salesmen

I’m seeing posts online and people have spoken to me about suspicious door to door salespeople who appear to be targeting kids and their homes.

I haven’t received any special reports from the state or from other law enforcement agencies with a warning however these posts provide an opportunity to remind people of some safety tips. Door to door salespeople must have a permit to work in Minneota.

This permit requires a bond and background check by the police department, along with council approval.

No one is currently approved and if they become approved I will notify you in the paper and online. Businesses who have a preexisting business relationship with you may come to your home without a permit.

These include cable/internet/satellite providers, Schwans and so on. However, they are not allowed to cold call a residence hoping to create new business unless they have a permit or you have scheduled an appointment with them to come and talk to you.

It’s also important to remember that Girl/Boy scouts, church groups, schools don't need a permit to fundraise.

The purpose of the permitting system is consumer protection and community safety. If you feel that someone is not permitted, posing as a door to door salesperson, or simple suspicious in nature, there are things that you can do.

Take a photo of the person and vehicle to include license plates because we want to be able to identify these individuals and have a conversation with them. If they come to your door don't let them in. Don't give them your personal information.

Keep in mind you don't even have to talk to them. You may call 911. You can tell them to leave. You can say "GO AWAY" and "NO".

Remind your kids to not talk to strangers and to go in the home and lock the door should a suspicious person try talking to them, approach them or solicit them in any way.

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