Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In regard to Sleepy Joe granting $10,000 in student loan forgiveness, what does that say to all the millions of college grads who have faithfully paid back what they agreed to when they signed a contract years before? I am sure many of you who have paid back your loans and those who never went to college are more than happy to bail them out. Looks like Biden is trying to buy votes and probably taking more liberty with the Constitution than it was ever intended. Today is the one year anniversary of the surrender in Afghanistan where 13 servicemen and women were killed and others wounded but do you hear anything resembling an apology? When Biden is confronted with questions related to this fiasco he runs away or has no comment. He is obviously an incompetent coward. It was announced that after being on vacation, Sleepy Joe is taking this day off. This coupled with the other disasters: the war in Ukraine, China and Russia rattling sabers, getting Iran on track with nuclear weapons, millions of illegal aliens, stalling on Hunter's laptop investigation and executive orders that have cost thousands of lost jobs are a direct result of a stolen, fraud-ridden election. President Trump has the right idea; no more voting machines, paper ballots, no ballot harvesting, same day voting with voter I.D. and no illegals allowed to vote. Also having the state legislatures make the voting rules instead of judges and secretaries of state changing the rules just days before elections.

Dan Markell
Marshall, MN

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