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What do speed limit signs mean?

Given the number of people speeding I think this question is worth answering.
A posted speed limit is the MAXIMUM speed limit permitted on that road after you have passed the sign and before getting to the next sign. So, if the sign says 20 mph, then that is the maximum speed you are permitted to drive. If the next sign says 30 mph, then you must continue to drive at 20 mph until you pass the 30 mph sign.
There is no “getting up to speed” allowance for a sign that you are approaching. There is no “they won’t cite me until I am 10 or more mph over the limit rule”.
Speed limit signs are large, reflective, and very visible. Drivers should always be looking for them and expect to see them as they approach towns as well as schools. There is no law preventing you from driving 5 mph under the posted sign, nor is there any excuse for speeding.
Please understand that a speeding ticket may cost you a day's pay and it is 100 percent your choice.

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