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Excellent question – let me explain. Have you ever heard the term sphere of influence? It typically is used to describe the influence a country has on another country. I however use the term in a more personal way. I recognize that I have a sphere of influence on the people and circumstances surrounding me. My influence is greatest at the core and weakens as it extends outward to other people and larger situations where eventually I find the point of no influence.
I understand that my sphere of influence is limited based on my energy, knowledge, and experiences. I also understand that I can't be everything to everyone in providing for their needs.
So how do I do it? I find other people with complementary/overlapping spheres of influence. I don’t want them to be copies of me or my beliefs. I want them to have different experiences, knowledge, and energy levels. I want them to look at things from their perspective. By surrounding myself with these types of people we build a net of joined spheres of influence whereby we help more people, manage more situations and prevent missed opportunities. It is like team building but on a more personal level where we understand that every action taken has an impact for good or bad on those around us.
Think about those whom you have an influence over. Then, look for those who will strengthen you and extend your influence through their sphere. Success is rarely an individual reward and occurs by many people influencing others.

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