Ask the Chief

COVID-19 struggles
Everyone has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and police work has certainly become challenging. Those who know me, know that I have a different and unique approach to police work. It is based on respect, relationships, tolerance, reasonableness and, most importantly, helping people make good decisions.
Sadly, COVID-19 has made it very difficult to have the in-person, face to face contacts that allow me to express understanding, empathy, and commitment. As such, I have been forced to limit my public contacts, and change how I provide policing and supportive services.
As a society now hidden behind masks, we are beginning to understand how powerful and helpful a simple smile can be. As we walk around with our invisible six-foot bubble we quickly understand how important a hug, handshake, shoulder tap, and slap on the back was to our health and sense of connection.
I found that positive relationships and a supportive attitude are a far better investment in preventing crime and crisis and we can see nationally how our lives are hurt when those things are lacking.
I have struggled to balance COVID-19 restrictions while providing the fundamental and essential social interactions needed by community members, yet I am very excited about the possibility of a vaccine being distributed in December.
When the vaccine becomes a reality I will take the vaccine as soon as I can because we can’t keep people at arms-length forever and someone out there needs to see your smile.

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