Abby Hennen and Jacob Citterman

Hennen, Citterman named top athletes

Walerius is Andersen-Christianson music winner

Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions, the annual Minneota Senior Awards and Dollars for Scholars program was broadcast online for the second year in a row.
Seniors and presenters were able to be present in the gymnasium this year for the program, but the public was not.
Abby Hennen and Jacob Citterman were named the winners of the Andersen-Christianson Athletic Award given annually to the top female and male senior athletes.
Hennen excelled as a hitter in volleyball, a guard in basketball and a catcher softball during her career. She was All-State in both volleyball and basketball and helped the Vikings win state titles twice in each of those sports. She was also all-Camden Conference in all three sports.
Citterman was an all-conference linemen in football, and an all-conference post player in basketball this season for the Vikings.
The Andersen-Christianson Awards are named after two former Minneota graduates, Bob Andersen (1966) and Tom Christianson (1968), who were killed in an automobile accident in 1970. Both boys were heavily involved in sports and music during their high school careers.
Recipients of the Andersen-Christianson Athletic Awards must have participated in two or more sports, is a positive leader both on and off the field of play, and follows all rules and regulations.
The Andersen-Christianson Music Award is awarded to a senior who participates, shows leadership, and is dedicated to the music program and community.
This year's Music Award winner was Katie Walerius. She has been in band since fifth grade, playing the flute, and choir since seventh grade. She also participates in the Worship team both at Sunday services and Wednesday night youth group. Walerius has also competed in solo ensemble contests in a duet as a vocalist and instrumentalist.
There was a total of 76 various scholarships awarded to those in the senior class. Since Minneota Dollars for Scholars began this program in 2001, over $250,000 has been awarded to Minneota graduates.
The Andersen-Christianson Awards are not chosen by the Dollars for Scholars Committee, but all other scholarships are.
Every senior that applies for a Minneota Dollars for Scholars Scholarship receives money to further their education, provided they meet all criteria. Thirty-nine students from the class of 2020 received a total of 76 scholarships.
Each scholarship has certain criteria which are followed when selecting the recipient. Some of those criteria might be the field of study the student is pursuing. They may also be awarded based on things the student has already done, such as community service projects or participation in school events such as athletics, drama, or music.
Senior Class President Abby Rost welcomed those in attendance and watching the annual Senior Awards Night event via livestream on Sunday afternoon. She was followed at the podium by Minneota Dollars for Scholars President Sue Buysse before the awards were announced.2020-2021 awards & scholarships:
Andersen-Christianson Athletic Award - Jacob Citterman, Abby Hennen
Andersen-Christianson Music Award - Kathrin Walerius
Musser Environmental Consulting Inc. Scholarships - Braxton Downing, Anne Krier
Thurmond T. Thurmond Scholarships - Jacob Hennen, Audra Buysse, Abby Hennen, Abigail Rost, Braeden Panka
Educator of Tomorrow Scholarship - Dylan DeSmet
Dale Yost Memorial Baseball Scholarship - Carter Schuelke
State Bank of Taunton Scholarship - Reid Fier
Marjorie A. Pesch Teacher's Scholarship - Dylan DeSmet
Career and Technical Education Scholarship - Isabelle Tolk
Minneota Rotary Educational Scholarships - Olivia Mahan-Deitte, Jacob Citterman, Caleb Sterzinger
Universal Forest Products Achievement Scholarships - Kaitlyn Hansen, Chase Differding
Franz Nelson Scholarship (Swede Home Lutheran Church) - Zachary Hennen
Nels & Junina Nelson Scholarship (Swede Home Lutheran Church) - Logan Schuelke
Friends of Swede Home Lutheran Church Scholarship - Jodi Buysse
Minneota Manor Scholarships - Klaire Banks, Barry (Trey) Gronke
Rev. Richard & Mavis Erickson and Family Scholarship (in memory of Mark & Mary Ann Full) - Raeann Bruner
Joseph Fischer Memorial Scholarship - Thor Fischer
Curt Breyfogle Memorial Scholarship - Beau Banish
Schwan's Educational Scholarship - Eleanor Pesch
Knights of Columbus Scholarship - Joshua Schuelke
Southwest Sportsmen's Club Scholarships - McKenzie Monnet, Benjamin Skorczewski
4.0 Bus Service Scholarship - Jada Nelson
Minneota Wrestling Booster Club Scholarship - Eric Carrasco
Donny Belaen Memorial Scholarships - Jada Sterzinger, Cooper VanOverbeke, Kathrin Walerius
Craig Ahmann Memorial Scholarship - Abby Hennen
Pete VanVooren Memorial Scholarship - Reid Fier
Jackie Sklillings Memorial Scholarship - Kathrin Walerius
Jeff & Patricia Peterson Youth in Firearms Sports Award - McKenzie Monnet
PEO Chapter AS Scholarship - Audra Buysse
Prairie Winds Wellness Scholarship - Jacob Citterman
Ruth M. Przymus Memorial Scholarships - Benjamin Engels, Bishop Drietz
Eagles Scholarship - Braxton Downing, Anna Krier
AgPlus Cooperative Education Scholarship - Joseph Rybinski
Ufkin Family Memorial Scholarships - Anna Krier, Caleb Sterzinger, Abigail Rost
Emily Ufkin Memorial Scholarship - Carter Schuelke
Minneota Dollars for Scholars - Amberly West, Beau Banish, Klaire Banks, Raeann Bruner, Jasmine Buysse, Jodi Buysse, Jacob Citterman, Braxton Downing, Benjamin Engels, Reid Fier, Thor Fischer, Barry Gronke, Kaitlynn Hanson, Jacob Hennen, Isabelle Kimpe, Olivia Mahan-Deitte, Jada Nielsen, Eleanor Pesch,

Katie Walerius

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