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Warning: Enforcement to begin on July 2

Every year, I receive complaints about campers, RV’s, semi-tractor/trailers and other large vehicles being parked overnight on city streets. Many of these complaints stem from these vehicles blocking viability of the roadway.

In years past, I have attempted to work with owners to move these vehicles, however the problem has continued and I must now use enforcement to gain compliance. Minneota Ordinance section 803.06 OVERNIGHT PARKING IN RESIDENTIAL AREA.

It’s unlawful for any person to leave or park any of the following, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. on or within the limits of any street in any residential area.

This includes:

A. Housetrailer

B. Bus

C. Recreational Vehicle

D. Trailer

E. Tractor or other farm equipment

F. Semi-tractor/trailer

G. Any truck over 84 inches in width

H. Camper If you own such a vehicle or trailer

I encourage you to find alternative parking before July 2.

On July 2 and following, this ordinance will be strictly enforced and citations will be issued. If you have questions or concerns please contact me.

Rumors not true

Rumors come and go but there is one going around that I need to address. Several people have heard that I have a "big" new job in the cities or I’m going to be a chief in another community or that I am leaving Minneota for whatever reason.

This rumor may have started because I am selling my home.

This is the truth: I’m selling my home and my family and I will move to an apartment in Minneota.

Reason: I want to live as cheaply as possible so that I can afford to go and visit my son in AZ.

He is in the Air Force and is purchasing a home. We don't see him as often as we would like and traveling is not cheap.

Second, my job plan when I became your chief (and still is my plan) is to serve you as your Chief of Police until I retire in eight years. I will be 48 years old this August and I can retire at 55 years of age. My goal is to be your Chief until I am 56.

I have NOT been looking for another job nor do I have any desire to leave.

I have worked very hard to build a Police Department focused on community service and education. I have made many friends and partners.

I have also proven that Law Enforcement doesn't need to be an “US vs THEM" approach.

There is still much to do here in Minneota and I am looking forward to building upon the foundation I have established. Finally, if you have heard other interesting rumors I ask that you contact me so that I can give you the truth.

Rumors can cause problems if they are left unchecked. It is very important that our community have a steady and dependable Police Department and I hope this reassures you that I have no plans to leave.

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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