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Snow brings new rules

With snow on the ground we need to talk about snow blowing, sidewalks and garbage/recycling pickup.

Minneota has an ordinance that requires sidewalks to be clear of snow and ice within 12 hours of a snow fall.

We’re not hard on this, but we do want you to have it done as soon as possible and when it is safe to do so.

Keeping the sidewalk clean is the responsibility of the people living at the residence where the sidewalk is located.

The ordinance also says that when you do blow or shovel your snow you can't put it in the street.

If accidently end up putting snow in the street all we ask is that you run your blower over it and blow it back onto the boulevard.

Finally, we come to the garbage cans. It would be a great help to us if you would not set the on the street.

Please clear a spot on your boulevard and set the garbage can at the curb.

The reason being is that when it is in the street our plow trucks must drive around the garbage can and that leaves a lot of snow on the road.

By working together we can keep our sidewalks and streets clean, safe and easy to use.

Bill Bolt

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