From the Mascot files 100, 75, 50 & 25 years ago

100 Years Ago
(Nov. 30, 1923)

Doc Seals' 49 Thanksgivings here have differed greatly
Doc Seals says that he has spent 49 Thanksgivings in Minneota. Doc came here just before Thanksgiving in 1875 and said each one has differed greatly. Some have been fair and some have been fierce. Some have been quiet and some have been on a lark with Tom and Jerry. Being at 49 annual events is a long time to look back upon, but Doc says that he doesn't mind it much and that he feels equal to a lot more.

Arco youth, 5, killed in car accident outside of Minneota
Cyril Venckaer, 5, was killed in an automobile accident about a mile and a half outside of Minneota on Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Venckaer had visited some friends and were on their way home near Arco. Cyril was riding in his mother's arm in the car. They drove on a gravel road south of town and met a car with its bright lights on and traveling at such a high rate of speed that Mr. Venckaer decided to drive to the edge of the grade and his car overturned. Little Cyril was dead. Mr. Venckaer suffered a broken collar bone and severe bruises. Mrs. Venckaer also suffered severe bruises.

75 Years Ago
(Dec. 3, 1948)

Minneota woman injured in 2-car accident on Hwy 68
Mrs. W. J. Tillemans of Minneota received injuries to her face and knees when the vehicle she was driving collided with another car on Highway 68 east of Porter late last Wednesday afternoon. The accident, a head-on collision, occurred around 4 p.m. Mrs. Tillemans was in her car alone when the accident happened. She suffered a severe knee injury, requiring stitches, and a deep cut above the right eye, also requiring stitches. Mrs. Tillemans was treated at Dr. S.D. Wolstan's office and was not hospitalized.

Tilleman resigns as chairman of Minneota Hospital Board
H.J. Tillemans resigned his position as chairman of the Minneota Community Hospital Board at a meeting of the trustees last Saturday evening. Alphonse DePestel and Anton Kopitski have filed for the trustee position, while John Canton Jr. and Gabriel Swedzinski are the contestants for the recorder office. Others filing for positions were J.W. Canton, village treasurer; Max Kosmalski, village assessor; and Horace Hay, justice of the peace.

Work on Christmas decorations nearing completion in Minneota
Christmas decorations in this city have already been erected in Memorial Park by members of the Minneota Businessmen's Association Christmas Committee, and work on Jefferson and Main Streets should be completed by the end of this week. The evergreen trees, Santa Claus and his reindeer, and the star surmounting the band stand in Memorial Park have been lighted for the past several evenings. A small tree is to be lighted with an individual Christmas light set at each light post along Main and Jefferson Streets. From each bracket on the post, a Christmas bell with the words "Merry Christmas" will be attached.

50 Years Ago
(Nov. 29, 1973)

City's Christmas decorations put up under warm weather
Working under sunny skies and with the temperature around 45 degrees, city workers put up Minneota's new Christmas decorations Tuesday afternoon. The decorations, formed of green tinsel in the shape of wreaths with bells and candles inside the loops, were placed on various light poles with no over-the-street stringers. The lights will be lit for shorter periods this year than in the past.

VanMoorlehem wins annual environmental poster contest
Barbara Jean VanMoorlehem, a fifth grader at St. Edward's School of Minneota, was one of the winners in the fourth annual environmental poster program sponsored by Schweigert Meat Company of Minneapolis. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Elmer VanMoorlehem. Barbara Jean was one of more than 5,000 students who participated in the contest. She received $10 for her art work.

MBA committee announces two drawings for Christmas
The Minneota Businessmen's Association committee on Christmas promotion announced last Friday that it had drawn up plans for "gift" attractions during the coming Yule season. One of these will be a drawing for 45 hams at the close of business on Dec. 14, and another is to be a street drawing during which $150 in Minneota Dollars is to be awarded on Dec. 20. Each individual business place will have a box in which customers will drop coupons, which are to be printed in next week's Mascot.

25 Years Ago
(Dec. 2, 1998)

Local fire departments respond to house fire at Vlaminck farm
The Minneota and Taunton fire departments were called to extinguish a fire in a rural farm east and north of Taunton on Monday morning. The fire was in the house on a farm owned by Gaston Vlaminck and was the residence of Ron Reynolds, who was renting the house. Firemen opened the roof area to extinguish the fire. The home was saved but received a lot of smoke and water damage.

Above normal temperatures dominate local weather scene
Above normal temperatures have dominated the area weather for the past several days. Forecasters are predicting the warm trend to continue for the next seven to 10 days with temperatures running nearly 30 to 35 degrees above normal for this time of the year. Temperatures last week reached a high of 62 degrees on Thursday and were consistently in the 50s the other days.

Local Brownies troop give food donations to Food Shelf
Local Brownie members collected food during a scavenger hunt on Nov. 21, giving the food they collected to the Food Shelf. Two teams from Brownie Troop 313 had a list of items they needed to try and collect. They also accepted any other food donations and were also given a monetary donation. The Brownies are planning next to go Christmas caroling, making candles, and holding a family potluck.

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