St. Edward School Happenings

Mrs. Mary Ann Horner

This week the 8th graders helped St. Edward School kick off their marathon for the 2017-2018 school year. The 8th graders introduced the theme of Looney Tunes by assigning each class a Looney Tune character. So these next few weeks, watch for the smiling faces of the St. Edward students to be out and about collecting pledges for the St. Edward School Marathon.

Ms. Claren Novotny

In math, the eighth-graders are making plots on coordinate graphs.

Ms. Elizabeth Miller

3rd & 4th Grade Religion: We are learning about Jesus’ promise to send the Holy Spirit to help us build the Church! 3rd & 4th Grade Science: We are reviewing the steps that scientists take when conducting an experiment. 3rd & 4th Grade Social Studies: We are continuing our discussion about community jobs and what is important in making our community a better place! 5th Grade Religion: We are finding the ways that the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church are rooted in Scared Scripture by looking at the different passages for each Sacrament.


Sept. 13 – School Mass – Grade 3 & 4 and Student Council meeting

Sept. 14 – Aug. & Sept. Birthday lunch

Sept. 15 – AR prizes

Sept. 17- St. Edward Fall Festival

Sept. 18 – Vision & Hearing screenings

Sept. 19- Library Environmental Fair for Grades 5 & 6 Education committee meeting

Sept. 20 – School Mass – Gr. 2 NWEA testing begins Midterm

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